Insider Info: The “Evacuation” of Isfahan, Iran Was A Hoax

Insider Info:
The “Evacuation” of Isfahan, Iran Was A Hoax

On January 3, 2013, The Jerusalem Post reported that the BBC had reported that the Iranian government had ordered the citizens of Isfahan, a city of 1.5 million, to evacuate, citing dangerously high levels of pollution.

Why should anyone outside Iran care? Reasons:

  1. Isfahan is the site of one of Iran’s uranium enrichment facilities.
  2. Israel, led by zionist maniac Binyamin NuttinYahoo, is doing its damnedest to start World War III with Iran, accusing it of developing nuclear warheads – which it is not.
  3. Everybody knows that Israel possesses nuclear missiles, though they won’t admit to it, and when the UN wanted to send inspectors in, Israel told the UN to get bent. The foregoing facts alone serve to indicate Israel’s commitment to serving as the world’s epitome of bad world citizenship. Also let us not forget that Israel was gonzo enough to destroy three nuclear facilities in Japan on March 11, 2011.
  4. Normal pollution is a ridiculous excuse for evacuating an entire city. That just doesn’t make any sense. What kind of pollution are we talking about here?
  5. So, rumors immediately circulated that the “pollution” was actually a radiation leak.
  6. Israel has sabotaged an Iranian nuclear facility in the past.
  7. One of the few places to report this evacuation was the Jerusalem Post. Odd?

This “breaking news” made a few other lower lamestream outlets, but it was not widely reported. Stranger still was the general silence of the alternative media on this story.

I’m not going to pick on anyone here, but … oh wait, I guess I’ll choose one guy to pick on, and that’s because he is absolutely an avid opponent of nuclear energy, and if anyone would be all over this story like stink on you-know-what, it would be that granddaddy of newsfeed link-trawlers … can I please get a drum roll … Jeff Rense!

Well, I’ve searched Google, and I’ve searched Rense’s site and his newsfeed, and I haven’t found a peep on this from him. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, but I haven’t found it. However, given Rense’s proclivity for grandstanding anything that underscores the dangers of extracting power from the atom, it should be there. And yet, as far as I can see, it is not.

Well, almost not. Going back in Rense’s newsfeed archives, I find linked, on Thursday, 29 November 2012, this “unconfirmed report” about “an incident in the Iranian Isfahan nuclear plant”. An obscure source, to be sure, and with resounding repercussions if true. So why no follow-up?

You’d think that a staunch anti-nuclear pillar of the alternative media establishment would have more say, you’d think he’d burrow into it a bit more. You’d also think that if rumors surfaced several weeks later of a radiation-induced evacuation, he would pounce on it. He did not. So something here is amiss.

I don’t have the answer. I won’t even hazard a hypothesis. But I will tell you that one man on the case was my friend Jim Stone. At first, his site was the only one I could find that offered speculation that Israel had blown the Isfahan enrichment facility sky high, pretty much the only kind of event that could explain the evacuation of the whole city, and one that would be wholly in keeping with Israel’s past behavior.

Now Stone has come forward with testimony from sources inside Isfahan who say that nothing at all has happened there. It’s business as usual in Isfahan. What gives? Why would the Jerusalem Post, much less the BBC, report a mass evacuation that never occurred?

Feel free to chime in.

I post Stone’s very brief report in full.

Isfehan bombing a confirmed hoax

Independent contacts, completely unique to this web site have confirmed that NOTHING ever happened in Isfehan. NO evacuations, NO nuclear problem, NOTHING. So WHY THE HOAX? This was reported in Israeli newspapers as real. WHY THE HOAX?

¨I have spoken to a couple of people that work at Hotel Abassi in the middle of Isfahan. They have told me (almost as if nothing is going on) that everything is fine.

I asked the question of one of them (after establishing that I wished to stay at the end of Jan) that I was concerned about staying there, a result of acquiring news via the internet that suggested an evacuation of parts of Isfahan had occurred after local explosions etc..

she (this particular lady) knew nothing of it, laughed and replied all is fine here.

I am waiting to hear from 2 more people.¨

This is not a copy paste from a blog somewhere, this is sourced directly from people associated with this web site. So once again, this all started in the Israeli press. WHY THE HOAX?

In a release totally unrelated with this web site, Benjamin Fulford stated concern about this hoax, and has called it a form of threat. Predictive programming to the max.


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