Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Arrest Location FAKED???

The comment below this report stands. The coordinates require conversion to decimal before they are plugged into Google Maps. I was ignorant about that and jumped the gun. Then again, that’s why I bothered to put three question marks on the title.
Then again, isn’t it interesting that the unconverted coordinates end up squre in the state cops’ back yard.
I remain convinced that this whole Boston scenario is a psyop, and there is plenty of evidence of foul play. In the case of Tsarnaev’s arrest, for example, how is it that the weak, listless, bloodied, shot-through-the-neck suspect was able to climb out of the boat and be photographed perching on the edge of it under his own power?
Really? Did they all stand back and tell him to hold on a minute while they took the picture? Why aren’t there cops and EMTs swarming all over him, making sure that in his weakened, listless condition, he doesn’t fall down and break the neck that he’s already been shot through, depriving them of the false testimony they intend to coerce from him under interrogation after he has been deprived of due process?

And this was after they had shot three stun grenades into the boat. What did they do next? Watertown Police Chief Edward Deveau had this to say about their handling of the apprehension:

“The boat’s not going to float for awhile,” Deveau said.

“It was a long period. There was probably a 10, 15 minute period where they are trying to get [Tsarnaev] to pay attention. So negotiations went on. There was no conversation back and forth. At the end they were just making demands of him: Show your hands, lift your shirt. And eventually that’s what he did,” Deveau said   “He was very slow and lethargic in every move that he made and they could see that there was no device on his chest. They kept creeping closer to him and then they felt it safe enough to pull him away from the boat,” he said.

“The concern was what was in that boat. Was there more explosive devices? Was there more firearms in that boat? So, we needed to get him away from that to make it safe,” Deveau added.

 So that’s why they shot the boat full of holes. They were worried it might contain explosives, and they really wanted to make sure they got the boy alive so they could torture him into giving the testimony that will be required to justify an ever-tighter state monopoly on force. They were so worried that boat contained “explosive devices”, that they lobbed three flash grenades into it, then shot it full of holes. So that they could “pull him away from the boat”. Which, judging by photo of him climbing out of it, they did not.

And that’s straight from the Waterford police chief’s lying donut hole.

So I don’t feel too bad about getting some numbers wrong, and I don’t feel like apologizing. The whole story is moronic, and if you believe it, then it was meant for your consumption.


Wow, I am in AWE. Upwards of 9,000 of you, decked out in full military gear, after more than twelve hours locking the city down under martial law, searching people’s homes without warrant, finally managed to apprehend … a 19-year-old college student. Amazing.
Then we have three stooges from Sandy Hook photographed fleeing the scene at the marathon blast…perps1

Those guys and others in that same uniform had been photographed earlier wearing big, bulky backpacks:


This whole thing stinks, and although my report has been debunked, I remain convinced that the Tsarnaev brothers are patsies set up by the FBI. The bombing event was orchestrated to justify TSA tyranny and gun control, while providing a crisis scenario for a practice run in the implementation of martial law. The FBI has a documented history of setting up stupid young men with fake bombs and then foiling their plots to explode them. That used to be called entrapment, and it used to be wrong. Now it’s just business as usual in America. In this case, it seems they investigated two young men who were NOT angry, NOT “radicalized” — who were in fact well-adjusted immigrants to American society — with the ultimate purpose of providing patsies for an obvious false flag operation.

Why them? Because they were both Muslim and white. For when the winds weren’t favorable for a stereotypical homegrown right-wing white NRA member, nor for a stereotypical brown-skinned middle eastern muslim. There would come a time when the false flag du jour required something more suble, more nuanced — a kind of fusion terror cuisine.

More later as I get time. I’m leaving the debunked report below, intact, because I believe that God sometimes speaks through cretins like me. I mean, the unconverted coordinates landed right behind the Massachusetts State police facility. I still think there’s something to this. What are the odds?

A screenshot from the infrared camera on a helicopter at the scene of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s arrest — claimed to be a man’s suburban backyard:


I typed the three sets of coordinates into Google Maps. Here is where the helicopter was getting that footage — click to enlarge:




The “arrest” was made in the woods behind a Massachussetts State Police facility!!!

According to the following article, the boat in which they found Tsarnaev hiding was located in the backyard of David Tenneberry on Franklin Street in Watertown, MA:–abc-news-topstories.html

Note that David Tenneberry did not return calls seeking comment.
Franklin Street’s coordinates in Watertown: 42.366955,-71.174853



5 thoughts on “Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Arrest Location FAKED???”

  1. Hold on, wait a minute here.

    You have to convert the readings from the helicopter to be accurate in Google maps (or whichever map program). ’42 degrees 21.858 minutes N’, is not the same as ‘42.21858 degrees N’. You have to take 21.858″ and divide by 60, because there are 60 minutes per degree.

    There are 2 readings from the helicopter and I’m assuming the one labeled TLat and TLong are the “Target” lat/long.

    Doing the calculations:

    Target Lat/Long of 42 degrees 21.987″N, 71 degrees 10.444″W becomes ‘42.36645,-71.1741’

    Copter Lat/Long of 42 degrees 21.858″N, 71 degrees 10.486″W becomes ‘42.3643,-71.1748’

    Put those 2 numbers into Google maps and see what you get.

  2. The lady walking her dog who lives in the neighborhood, told Fox News during the stand-off she had never seen that boat in the neighborhood before. And she walks her dog past the driveway where the boat suppsedly was located???

  3. ok Im a woman but even I know that if the cops actually had filled that boat with live rounds wouldnt it have exploded the 40 gallons of gas on the boat and burned the boat and jahar? somethin stinks in BOSTON and it isnt a dumpster, except maybe where to dump the dead suspects bodies!

  4. I noticed this yesterday on someone elses web site but its the same picture the one with the three guys standing there the gray haired guy in the middle looks like its photo shoped or something he doesn’t have a face it looks like two gray haired guys made into one

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