Who Is Bruce Mendelsohn?

More evidence the Boston blasts were a drill portrayed by complicit media as a real terror attack.

B'Man's Revolt


The “hero” speaks:

BRUCE MENDELSOHN: It was terrible. My first thought when I heard the initial blast was well I wonder if this is a cannon signifying someone important had finished and then I smelled the gun powder (the cordite) and knew this was an explosive device and I rushed in to help. This is what we do, this is what I was trained to do in the military. This is what we would ask our law enforcement officers to do and I executed.

I want to mention one thing about “cordite“, it is a smokeless propellant. I don’t know, but I saw lots of smoke.

When you look into this character’s background you can find several things of interest. He apparently is an expert in marketing, communications, “messaging” and communications. From his Google+ page:

A marketing, communications and branding leader with proven successes conceiving and implementing

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