Questions about the Woolwich Slasher Incident

I have a few questions about the alleged “terror” attack at Woolwich. I will ask them by way of a photo montage. All stills were taken from this video:

First, we have our “Islamic terrorist” assailant hanging around the scene of the crime and bragging about it into a passerby’s camera:

“Iiiiiit’s SHOWTIME!!!”

By all accounts, this man just slashed a soldier to death, and by some accounts cut off his head. Can you imagine how messy that would be? Yet our “Islamic terrorist” perp somehow managed to carry it off without getting a single speck of blood on his face or clothes.

The hands, meanwhile, looked as if he dipped them in a pot of red ink. The ink must have been dry, because several times during the course of his diatribe, he touches his jacket, but leaves no stain on it.

Edit: the following video proving this guy didn’t have anything on his hands AT ALL has been pulled. I wonder why.

Question 1: How the hell did the attacker come away with spotless threads?

Now, take a good look at those blades he’s brandishing:


This was reported as a machete attack. Those are not machetes, they are kitchen knives.

If you’re gonna cut off a soldier’s head, much less slash him to death, you had best be carrying bigger blades than that.

Question 2: Where are the machetes?

Now, onto the “victim”:


After his “scary Islamist” rant, he crosses the street to the crime scene. The car crashed into the pole is oozing liquid. Cars tend to do that when they’ve had their noses smashed.

But apparently people who have been hacked up and possibly decapitated don’t bleed anymore.

Question 3: Where did the victim’s blood go?

Now please examine the following sequence of photos and ask yourself if you see anything odd.

slasher-w1 slasher-w2 slasher-w3 slasher-w4 slasher-w5“I got down there and rolled around in it, just to make sure it isn’t there…”

I can sure identify with the woman in the gray sweatshirt. If I happened upon a hacked-up and possibly headless corpse, the first thing I would do is get down and lie on my back beside it.

But after I got up, I would be very surprised to find no blood on my sweatshirt.

To repeat, where did all the blood go?

This next shot gives another perpsective of the scene.


I guess the gray oval is to shield our delicate sensibilities from something too shocking to behold — something even worse than all that carnage at the Boston Marathon.

Again, nary a drop of blood to be found.

Down the street, you can see a fence with crouching figures on either side of it: two on the sidewalk, one on the street. They are attending to the attackers who have reportedly just been shot.

Let’s look at it from the other side:

slasher-arrest1 slasher-arrest2 slasher-arrest3

Last time I checked, gunshot wounds produced bloodshed. Perhaps Britain has turned into some sort of alternate universe where people don’t bleed when their bodies get ruptured, or maybe British blood is so rarific that it just sublimates from liquid to gas instantaneously upon exposure to Earth’s atmosphere.


Also, if you watch the video, you’ll notice that the paramedic on the left is not DOING anything. She just holds onto the guy’s wrist. When she leans down, it looks very much as if she’s doing so in order to facilitate the conversation they are having. The two blokes on the right aren’t very active either. I’m no expert on EMS stuff, but it looks fake to me.

And that’s why we have —

slasher-cop2“That bloke in the blue shirt could stand right in the middle of everything, but you can’t film here!”

–Constable Nigel Cunningbottom, to the rescue of false flag obfuscation!

Here is the shooting scene from above:


I’m not a forensics expert, so back to asking questions.

Question 4: What are those taped-down squares all about? Are they there to mark where blood fell, and that’s why we can’t see any blood?

What is the dark area on the road where the left-hand paramedic was having a conversation with the guy and doing nothing to save him? Is THAT blood? I doesn’t look like blood to me, but I could be wrong.

I really don’t know. If you do, please leave a comment, and if your answer checks out, I will incorporate it into this piece.

Moving on, here’s an aerial shot of the crime scene:


Hey look! Do you see what I see?

TWO WHOLE SPURTS OF WHAT LOOKS BLOOD! Which abruptly peters out and does not continue to the tent that now houses the gray oval.

Yet Lady Gray Sweatshirt de Necrophilia lay down right next to to the corpse and got up completely unstained. Moreover, the sunshine on that sidewalk in those earlier shots doesn’t reveal those stains.

I can only conclude that some intern from props was sent to apply the fake blood before the helicopter showed up.

Speaking of which:


Aviation is yet another of the many areas where I lack any kind of expertise. But I do know this. I have NEVER seen a helicopter fly low to the ground in a crowded city. Have you? Just askin’.

[Edit: I got a reply to my question via email:

You asked if anyone had seen a helicopter land in a crowded city.
I have; I was about 25/30 yards from one in my car; it had landed in the middle of the road in Dagenham, Essex near Asda.
I’ve seen them at a distance a number of times, having been a mini-cab driver round London for 40 years. And many times I’ve seen one taking off and landing on the roof of London Hospital, London (they have a helipad on the roof).
Paul Barbara]

OK, one last thing, and that is, another tent, another “scene”, that does not match the other two, and I haven’t heard or read of any other incidents that would explain it:


I’ve put this together in short snatches of stolen time, and haven’t read each and every article or breathtaking development. If you know what is supposed to have gone down at that location, please let me know.


19 thoughts on “Questions about the Woolwich Slasher Incident”

  1. “A new category of entertainment is on sale now — the ‘disinfotainment’ produced by the State in collaboration with the culture industries.” – Michael Rectenwald

  2. Smells of false flag already. from what I understand the UK was looking at banning these weapons before this happened, maybe this was to get the ball rolling faster.

  3. I think there is some photoshop there. Look at the picture where the shoes are blacked out with the grey oval. In the background you can see cops working on someone on the ground on both sides of a peice of railing. Look at the next three pics and you will find the same cops working on someone on the ground yet the railing is missing in the fist two yet suddeny its back for the third shot. You can look at the gap between the officer on the rights feet to note he is sitting in a very defined position in each of the photos. I’m not tech savvy enough to prove this but he sure seems to identical in every photo yet the railing and a white stripe on the curb seem to disappear and reappear in subsequent pics. Then notice the double red line and see how in the overhead pics there is no white curb stripe….just the double red line. On the pics above you can clearly see the curb paint start where the railing should be. There are no pics with both railing and white curb paint. The pics either show the railing or show the white stripe where the railing should be. The railing was removed and a white stripe added that ran to the end of the street. Not sure what all this means but its clear even to someone who has no training in this that this was photoshopped.

    1. Regarding the missing railings and the white line: I think the white line is in fact the top of the railings. The effect arises from the camera position, directly above the railings.

  4. This is really just an episode of ‘Eastenders’ that got canned for being more mind numbingly rubbish than usual.

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