Is Adam Kokesh Working for the CIA?

Is Adam Kokesh Working for the CIA?

Adam Kokesh leads a large contingent of the American “Patriot” movement. His followers are typically Second Amendment activists and Ron Paul devotees – people who are aware enough to perceive that their government does not mean them well, yet naïve enough to think that there is a political solution, whether it come via a maverick politician or displays of civil disobedience.

They lack the perspective to see the real scope of the state machine, who owns it, and the extent to which it hijacks and controls opposition.

Kokesh has been arrested for promoting such antics as a dance-in at the Jefferson Memorial and, most recently, a pro-marijuana rally in Philadelphia. But compared to his latest brainchild – an armed march on Washington, DC and all 50 state capitols – those stunts are mere child’s play.

From a tactical perspective, the concept is a nightmare. One can easily imagine the bloodbath that would inevitably result, and the subsequent justification for draconian gun control, if not a declaration of martial law.

To their credit, many patriot bloggers and alternative media figures have expressed misgivings about Kokesh’s Independance Day marches. Meanwhile, the National Rifle Association has distanced itself from the idea, and the Oathkeepers issued a statement of non-endorsement.

The blogosphere backlash was so strident, Kokesh called off the march on DC. Yet despite anemic support, he is still calling for the state capitol marches to occur.

This is perfect for Kokesh, as he is off the hook. He can’t be in 50 states at once. But he has established the pretext for an event that, should it occur, might prove to be the biggest false flag operation the U.S. “government” has ever perpetrated against the citizenry.

Troubling Details

First, think of the world financial system as a circuit board. As an electrical engineer tweaks a circuit to obtain a desired outcome, so those who generate and control the world’s currency manipulate results to their own ends. Authentic rebel leaders who have garnered too much influence can be cut off from the current, if not removed from the board altogether. By the same token, currency is routinely inducted and op-amped to fund controlled opposition.

Adam’s whole enterprise – high-profile radio show, big website, slick production, mass media attention – bears all the hallmarks of one that has been covertly facilitated, not suppressed.

Second, Adam has voiced his allegiance with the Occupy Wall Street movement. For those who didn’t get the memo yet, OWS is heavily funded by George Soros, a globalist, America-hating, plutocrat Jew.

Third, Adam Kokesh is himself – surprise, surprise – a Jew.

Many would say that is a purely ad hominem observation. I disagree.

Based on testimony from Jim Stone, who infiltrated the Canadian Jewish community, I am inclined to believe that a lot more rank-and-file Jews are “in on it” than we are led to believe.

Think about it. Out of all the brave, disgruntled Iraq veterans who might have struck a meteoric rise to celebrity anti-war dissidence … he just so happened to be a member of a tribe that constitutes a meager 0.3% of US armed forces. Go figure.

Adam served in Iraq as a sergeant in the U.S. Marines 3rd Civil Affairs Group, whose mission explicitly includes psychological operations (psy ops).

Speaking of which, the website was created six days before Adam was arrested in Philadelphia on felony charges. Days later, he was released, all charges dropped.

If the authorities were worried that Kokesh posed a real threat to the government, then they would have opted to keep him locked down, don’t you think?

Then there is Charles Kokesh, Adam’s big-money con-man father, presently indicted for illegally selling two elephant tusks in Pensacola, Florida.

Mike Rivero, a good Jew, insightfully speculates that the elder Kokesh’s legal troubles could be used to pressure Adam into proceeding with the march despite the massive opposition from Patriot gun-owners across the US.

But who would be applying that pressure? Moreover, lacking any real support, how could the marches even take place?

Enter the CIA

Researcher and investigative reporter Jim Stone, a former NSA analyst, has recently estimated that the CIA has upwards of 1,500,000 operatives on its payroll.

Stone bases this number on records which he claims have been expunged from the internet.

A Google search reveals the official answer, the Wikipedia answer, and that’s about it.

The Wikipedia answer: 20,000.

The official answer:

Neither the number of employees nor the size of the Agency’s budget can, at present, be publicly disclosed. A common misconception is that the Agency has an unlimited budget, which is far from true. While classified, the budget and size of the CIA are known in detail and scrutinized by the Office of Management and Budget and by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, and the Defense Subcommittees of the Appropriations Committees in both houses of Congress. The resources allocated to the CIA are subject to the same rigorous examination and approval process that applies to all other government organizations.

The Wiki answer is ridiculously low. When you consider the sheer range and scope of the CIA’s operations around the world, from gun-running to drug-smuggling to election-rigging to assassinations to eavesdropping on and monitoring of ever-more-wide-ranging varieties of “terrorists”, 20,000 is an insult to intelligence. Why did Wikipedia even bother stating a number at all?

The second, the official answer, is more telling. Why would the Agency want to withhold the answer, if it were not to conceal a number that would alarm a concerned Patriot? One could argue that it’s for reasons of “national security”, to which I would reply that the term “national security” is really nothing other than a carte blanche excuse to conceal any information that those bastards don’t want to divulge, for any reason at all.

It would pose no threat to the “security” of the United States if the CIA announced its payroll size. Not that the Russians and Chinese don’t know anyway.

On top of that, the official answer is full of lies which are stinkingly obvious to an increasing number of people who, thanks to scandals like Fast and Furious, not to mention all the photos of U.S. troops guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan, have wised up to some of the CIA’s criminal sources of income.

If Stone’s figure is correct – if even two-thirds of it is the real number, in fact – then we already live under the worst tyranny imaginable; the iron fists just have yet to remove their velvet gloves.

Having that many assets would enable the CIA to pull off false-flag armed marches on all 50 state capitols without involving a single genuine Patriot – level-headed opposition among the citizenry to such insanity be damned.

We must be on guard, ever watchful, and as long as we have an internet that is ostensibly free, we must use it to spread observations that incriminate false flag operatives.

As July 4 approaches, be on the lookout for campaigns in your region that slickly agitate for an armed march on your state’s capitol. If they crop up, look into the people behind them, and locate the sources of their funding. After all, it takes money to organize an event … and we know where money comes from, and how hard it is these days to come by.

If an armed march does occur in your area, be sure to document it. Upload your photos and videos and share them via social media. There is an established community of analysts on the net who will waste no time combing your documentation for signs the march was staged. The further we can pull their pants down, the less brazen they can afford to be. Stone has written a good article on the best budget cameras to use for both video and still-shot documentation via zoom lens, so you can avoid getting caught up in the drama and make a clean getaway.

Above all, beware pied pipers that get mass media attention and promise to redress your grievances. None of them is above suspicion. The state, the corporations, the military-industrial complex, and above all, the globalists, who own the media that run cover for all the above, look out for their own. We are on the chopping block.

Adam Kokesh is most certainly not the answer, but he may well be a component of their Final Solution.


Tinfoil Hat Addendum:


“Adam” in Hebrew means “Man”

“Adam” Vs. “The Man”

“Adam” Vs. “Himself”

“Adam” = “Establishment”

V is an inverted pyramid.


Check out Adam’s Facebook profile image:


All-Seeing Eye anyone?

15 thoughts on “Is Adam Kokesh Working for the CIA?”

    1. You stop supporting it. Find work off the tax roles, barter instead of (or more than) using FRNs, take everything to Court (don’t just pay tickets or government demands for money) and demand they enter the contractual nexus (city of, county of, state of are descriptions of corporations) providing jurisdiction, look up the CAFR (comprehensive annual financial reports for your city, county and state) and actively go to meetings where “officials” are announcing tax increases because they’re “broke” and put their lies back in their faces. Plenty of other things can be done without violence to promote change, not that anyone should be discouraged from self-defense.

  1. well done James; it’s been my thought that this clown Kokesh may be working for an intel agency to draw gun owners out in the open, leading them to the slaughter perhaps.

    Anyone with any common sense surely would think long and hard about this before committing themselves to such a trap.

    And Kokesh will probably be taken out once the intel group no longer has any use for him.

  2. Bob, they don’t need to “expose” legitimate gun owners because we’re already registered with them. I think the more sinister point that both James Farganne and Jim Stone are making is that these marches will go on as a staged act to meet an agenda even if no honest patriot at all shows up.

  3. Good job on the article & observations for suspicions. And that is one creepy photo! So sick of the one-eye crap. His one right eye photo in itself would be enough to cause suspicion.

  4. kokesh,,,psych warfare operative.even jones(alex) admitted it..and that bitch is working for the other side….

  5. Adam’s father, Charles, is in a lot more trouble than a couple of tusks. He has a long history of fraud, most recently with the Santa Fe Polo grounds. A few years back,he bought and ran Dakota Arms in to the ground and bought it back on the courthouse steps for a fraction and then ran it further in to the ground. Check the “Santa Fe New Mexican” newspaper articles by writer Tom Sharpe for more dirty details on Kokesh’s activity there.
    At this link is my recent cartoon on Kokesh.
    Feel free to use it on blogs or websites.

  6. A court-appointed “special master” stood at the front door of the state District Court building Thursday and read a judge’s order for the sale of Charles Kokesh’s Santa Fe Horse Park.

    Los Alamos National Bank, which seeks to foreclose on its $2.25 million loan made five years ago, was the only bidder on the 35-acre equestrian center with polo grounds and stables, southwest of Santa Fe.

    Late October, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission charged Charles Kokesh with misappropriating more than $45 million in investments in his venture-capital firms by improperly collecting distributions, fees and reimbursements, and trying to “conceal the scheme” with misleading proxy statements.

    The most recent action in the SEC case is a “refusal to proceed” filed by Kokesh’s lawyer, Clinton W. Marrs of Albuquerque, who is seeking a jury trial for Kokesh in U.S. District Court. The SEC says this is the first such case it has ever prosecuted in New Mexico.

    The Santa Fe Horse Park foreclosure case is not Kokesh’s only unpaid debt:

    • Thornburg Mortgage is seeking to foreclose on Kokesh’s home to satisfy a mortgage of $4.3 million on the Camino Corrales house valued for tax purposes at about $2.2 million. The most recent occurrence in that case is Kokesh’s motion alleging Thornburg Mortgage, which is in bankruptcy, as “not a real party in interest” and to stay the proceedings.

    • GEMB Lending also has a complaint against Kokesh, seeking to take possession of his 1996 motor home, valued at $180,000, to satisfy a debt of $227,418.

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