Proof That A Car Bomb Killed Michael Hastings?

Disclaimer: When I first posted this, I was excited and maybe too sure of myself. I am not an expert in these matters. So I offer the following evidence to support my current thesis that a car bomb in the engine compartment destroyed the front end of the Mercedes and lobbed the engine down the street. I have been alerted to at least one precedent for engine ejection upon impact, so I wonder what a bomb could do.

Note: Jim Stone has stated that the following image is from a photo op scene with a switched car at a switched location. I don’t know. Even if that is true, the footage showing the obliteration of the car’s front end was taken at the scene, when it was still dark.

When I first saw this tableau, I immediately wondered: WHY THE BLANKET?


Now I know. It’s because the front end of the car is almost completely GONE.

Check out these still shots, taken from Loudlabs News footage (posted below):


The carriage and rear end are cocked back from a blast that cleared the engine compartment. The right front wheel and part of the front bumper are about all that’s left, and they are cocked forward.

Now from the driver’s side angle:


Note what looks to be the hood twisted around the left side of the palm tree.

Now, a direct side shot:


The blanket was there to hide the fact that almost the entire front end of the car is gone.

Only a bomb could have done that.

Perhaps this explains the flight of the engine down the street. I leave that to the more technically-minded to decide.

Jim Stone’s analysis:


A member at the Jim Stone Forum argues that such damage is consistent with a normal high-speed tree impact. That may very well be. But Stone’s analysis has already shown that this was no ordinary car fire.

That raging fire, in my opinion, would not happen from a bomb-free impact. Car experts agree.

Consider, too, the eyewitness testimony at 1:11 of the Loudlabs footage below, where she states that the car “exploded upon impact” with the tree.

Also the other eyewitness who told the local news reporter that her house shook and her windows rattled — that it sounded, and felt, like a bomb had exploded.

Then there’s the engine down the street.

Finally, I went to Google Images and looked up some high-speed vehicle-tree collisions. They are indeed incredibly destructive.

But look at that last photo again:


Seems to me that there is a lot of “gap” between the tree and the cab of the car, and no wreckage in there — just empty space.

Had the car hit the tree at high speed, causing all that damage, I think the cab would be scrunched right up against the trunk. Like when they say that Jed “wrapped his Camaro around” a telephone pole.

It looks to me like the car bumped into the tree and that triggered a detonation.

Here is the Loudlabs footage:



Note: Unless you are a Jim Stone Forum reader, this will not be significant to you.

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19 thoughts on “Proof That A Car Bomb Killed Michael Hastings?”

    1. I hit a barrier on the side of the high way going about 75 mph a week or two ago and I didn’t even break a bone, nonetheless have my car wind up like this. Holy shit.

  1. Re-read about Orlando Letelier, assassinated by CIA-connected Chilean fascists, in Washington DC, while riding in a car which exploded due to the presence of a bomb planted, not on a timer, and remotely detonated in the Embassy district. The same thing could have happened to Hastings, whose nose for news damaging to the current junta never gave up the search for sources. He was a brave guy, who seemed not to have much fear or need for favor. The perfect mouthpiece for the right whistleblower – so what was he working on or was this “pour encourager les autres” (to be silent)? They couldn’t get Glenn Greenwald – but they sure got another stand-up guy in a world of slimy amphibious yes-men.

    Did he just pay the price of late-night speeding? Isn’t it just as likely he was getting an early start and going somewhere to avoid traffic which is legendary in all of Southern California? Why is the assumption that he was a bad boy getting punished for bad driving so prevalent immediately? Why the notion that he had somehow been partying? Because it immediately discredits him, trivializes him, and makes you think he was a one-hit wonder. Which he wasn’t.

    The rate at which journalists have been killed in the war zone is tremendous. It even seems self-serving, when so many stories broke down on closer inspection.

    The war has come home, as they always do. Boston police are asking for domestic drones during the next Marathon. Is there any more one can say about that? I think Hastings would have had his say.

  2. Several issues, the engine is in an entirly different place as I can understand this and acording to the imgaes presented, no engine in the wrecage right in front of the tree.

    The initiale blas have shott the engine straght up, and landed behinde the car as the car continued its forward procjectory,, and this “crash” is probably not entilry corect I belive the car just rooled to halt in that particulare spott, and dint crash at all.

    The fire is the result of a more or less full tank fo petrole, and its lockated in the backside as the flames indicate, and a natural result of the initiale bomb blast.

    What boggels me, is the fact that this is a plain smack in the middle of the day assasin, and they havent even bothered to hide this properly, and to intimidate anyone critzising the wackos in charge.
    This is “freekingly obvious” and I wounder if the insane f…. have lost it and resorts to sheer panic acts of barbarism.
    This is plain murder.


  3. This German car is made to drop the engine on impact to not come into the passenger compartment. I’m more curious why it exploded on impact. I think the Germans would think of that too.

  4. some of the newer Mercedes have a safety feature that separates the engine from the car in case of a high-speed collision. it makes sense, have the engine drop out and there is less force pulling the car into the impact.
    …with that said, I believe he was murdered. “boston brakes” style.

  5. The male witness toward the end seems to say he saw the car coming down the street very fast, so much so that it bottomed out 3 times after coming across an intersection? If that’s what he meant, the driver was either in much more of a hurry than simply speeding – or the throttle was stuck fully open. But I find it difficult to believe that Hastings would be so careless and irresponsible as to travel at such a high rate of speed through a residential section. I could be wrong, but…?

  6. You do realize there were people who watched the crash right? They saw him speed by them through multiple red lights and intersections. Further more, a bomb would have actually damaged the engine or driveshaft, which did not happen, nor did they receive charring or explosive residue which a bomb also would have left. Furthermore, bombs do not explode and push their force in one direction. A bomb in the car would have destroyed the cabin of the car and the firewall as well if it were strong enough to dislodge na engine and throw it 60 yards down the road. If you want to be suspicious or claim conspiracy, at least pick one that makes sense when taking everything into account. When you include the eye witnesses who saw him before the wreck going down the road and then hitting the tree, its pretty obvious he was just speeding at a very high rate and hit a tree. It happens all the time and the damage is this bad. Look up the Ryan Dunn wreck where he hit a tree doing 100mph, and you will see it looks almost identical with almost identical results in the end. I am not saying you cannot believe what you want or question what you want, but please look at all the facts first. Just because one lady (Who has never heard a real bomb I am sure living in an upscale LA neighborhood) says it sounded like a bomb does not mean there was a bomb. I live behind a highway and have been around for 3 cars hit a palm tree in the middle of that highway in the past ten years. They all sounded like bombs, and none of them where. They were all 3 high speed car wrecks, but they were so loud and violent it shook my house and made me get up and go outside to see what happened. This case is 100% consistent with a high speed car crash. If you want to speculate that his brakes were cut, or his cars ECU was bugged for remote control or something, that is at least much more plausible than insisting a bomb was in the engine bay. There are 0 signs of a bomb other than the obvious damage caused by the high speed wreck.

  7. About that photo of the car with the blanket: engine 227 has to cover the other side of the street because it doesn’t match the neighborhood that LoudLab shows.

  8. So now we heard the car is designed that the engine can come off at a certain amount of force for safety reasons. Makes sense to me.

    To one picture the author wrote:
    “Seems to me that there is a lot of “gap” between the tree and the cab of the car, and no wreckage in there — just empty space.”

    What´s the problem with that? Point one: We do not know exactly how the car moved. It only appears the car hit the tree slightly sideways. A car could bounce back a little.

    But most likely to me: The engine came out of the car. It wasn´t beamed out of it. The engine had to take some material out of the front section to make it´s way through. This is so obvious that it surprises me the author didn´t take it into consideration.

    1. At the time I made that observation, I was speculating that a bomb placed in the engine compartment had destroyed most of the front end and ejected the engine.

      Since then, other possible explanations for the engine ejection have come to light. See my new article about the lack of any corpse or fragments thereof at the North Highland crash scene.

      There are still a lot of unanswered questions, and I’m trying to take them all into fair consideration.

  9. obviously a car bomb…but there will be just enough doubt for the patriots to carry on with their very important lives…

  10. In order for the car to hit the tree on the driver’s side, the rear end had to “come around”. I wasn’t sure about this earlier, still not sure, because no witness or evidence has come forward to say there was someone chasing him, but there IS “right rear quarter panel damage consistent with a Pit maneuver”, which would through the car sideways driver’s side facing the tree. I have driven that street too many times late at night. As to how fast he was going to eject the entire drive train I would think that impossible on a Mercedes at any speed, unless the car had been damaged in an accident before and not properly repaired. Another YouTube suggested “the car’s computer may have been hacked”, and taken out of his control. Nevertheless, something caused the car to suddenly turn right…and nothing explains the fire (the gas tank is in the rear, though an electrical fuel pump may have kept pumping fuel to no engine), I still don’t think it would have exploded like that. The whole incident reminds one of what happened to Princess Di…these “accidents” have a “modus operandi”!

    1. I am working on a report summarizing a great deal of analysis over at the Jim Stone forum.

      My opinion is that the car was remote-controlled, no driver, and that there were two bombs: one on the gas tank, one in the engine compartment.

      Thanks for your input.

  11. For a Mercedes, the safest car in the world, to hit a palm tree at high speed and burst into flames, that palm tree would have A LOT more damage if not sheared off. It looks barely touched.

  12. Air Bag would have saved him, if there had been a collapse with a tree.

    But obviously this was a car bomb. BTW: Look how they killed Danny Jowenko.

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