Hastings Did Not Die in the Hollywood Crash. Period.

Jim Stone Forum member Paul Short posted this expert analysis of the following video.

The upshot: there was no dead body or even body parts at the scene. The wreckage is consistent with eyewitness testimony, and this analysis explains the gushing plume of water on the median.

The most likely explanation is that the car was steered by remote control.

The following is what myself and a relative who spent 25 years as a fireman have concluded after combing through the video above.

The video gives us a near 360° perspective of the accident scene, from the dashcam footage at the beginning that gives us the same view as one would have if they were inside the car before it crashed, to the all-around panorama of the crashed car as it’s on fire, to after the fire is out and the cops are standing there with firefighters and witnesses.

The witness, Jose, the spanish guy in the blue mechanic’s shirt, says the car came fast down the street and he indicates by slapping his hands that the car bounced several times, bottoming out the suspension and causing “fire” or sparks on the road. This is because when traveling at a high rate of speed on a level straight street, intersecting streets have their own road crown. You don’t notice the road crown when you’re going slow, but cross an intersection fast and it’s like launching off a ramp. When the car crossed the intersection approaching it’s final resting place, the suspension hits the road crown of the intersection causing the wheels to leave the pavement momentarily. With no rubber on the road for a split second at a high rate of speed the car is essentially flying and cannot be steered. Wheels touch down again, bounce the suspension, several times and the car is out of control.

The car then mounts the curb and hits the fire hydrant head near the driver’s side front bumper. The hydrant, even though it’s sheered off by the lateral force of the speeding 3,000+lb car is essentially still a stationary chunk of metal. The hydrant cuts a swath through the car, taking the front driver’s side wheel with it back through the car and dislodging the engine/tranny. That stuff is passing through the car and some of it rips into the gas tank, but the tank, the gas, is all in forward motion with the rest of the mass of the car.

Now, with all that mass still in motion, but starting to slow down from meeting all the resistance of the curb, hydrant and whatever else it hit … the car hits the tree, with the tree basically being inserted into the the space formerly occupied by the engine and front wheel. Coming to a sudden stop like that causes some of the gas, still in motion and wanting to stay in motion due to the laws of physics, the gas sprays forward through the swath cut through the car by the hydrant and catches fire from sparks generated by a frenzy of scraping metal all in motion at different speeds.

At the same time all this is happening, the engine ejects down the street taking a bunch of debris with it, which can be seen on the street in the video above.

All that explains what happened and it’s all clear when watching that video above.

My fireman friend, however, has a question, and he pointed out that everyone in that video have the same question…

Where is the body? Where are the body parts?? Why are the cops standing there scratching their heads???

Think about it – a fire hydrant, front wheel and attached suspension components cutting a swath back through a vehicle’s firewall into the driver’s compartment would have shredded the driver into pieces and those pieces would have ended up among the debris that got sprayed down the street along with all the other stuff we see in the video.

Yet there are no hands, feet, legbones, organs, skin… nothing, no evidence of a body or body parts and everyone in the video is asking and wondering where the driver is???




Paul Short’s website: www.paulshort.com



There was no fire hydrant. The following screenshot from Google Maps is just a few blocks south of the crash scene, and in it can be seen the source of the gushing water, because the fixture for the pipe is found on Maps at the actual crash scene.


Here is the real crash scene, with pipe fixture. Between the time Google shot this avenue and the crash, a pipe was obviously installed:


So, no fire hydrant. But also no dead body, or body parts.

The mystery continues …..


5 thoughts on “Hastings Did Not Die in the Hollywood Crash. Period.”

  1. I find the story hard to believe. A fire hydrant that shreds a car… Not to my understanding.
    I am thinking that fire hydrants are standardized and having just inspected one that has eight, half inch bolts that are grade 2 (weakest strength bolts). It appears to me that a hydrant could be knocked over with a gator style golf car, going 45mph.
    It wouldn’t make sense to have a fixture that sized installed in any city that would shred a car when it gets hit. It would make better sense to have them able to be readily knocked over to prevent an unnecessarily nasty accident.(It’s a hydrant, not a security bollard.)
    In this example, a small SUV knocks down a power pole and a fire hydrant off it’s mount. This is what happens when 3k+ pounds goes out of control: http://www.wivb.com/dpp/news/local/car-crash-rips-fire-hydrant-from-ground
    And yes, any modern unibody (as with the Mercedes in question and car in the video) vehicle is going to built using the same tensile strength steel crash supports, 2 engine mounts, one transmission mount that is bolted to both sides of the tunnel under the car. Including all the steel in the suspension, and subframe supports.
    I could see the hydrant getting “caught” and knocked off by the subframe and suspension, effectively disabling the steering, allowing the car to go out of control.
    Besides, the drive-train gets ejected straight out off three structural steel mounts, and passed through the center of a tree, without leaving a mark on said tree (there is a mark from the bumper rubbing up against it.) passing through the cars front crash zone without bashing in the front accessory drive… Nope,… maybe in the Bermuda triangle…
    *Note: I wasn’t there, I have seen only what has been made available to the public at large.

  2. Having visited the crash site, I can tell you this-there was no fire hydrant there. Google maps shows a flat green plate at that particular location plus a flat concrete slab next to the green plate. Google also shows similar configurations elsewhere along Highland with a standing U shaped pipe next to a flat green plate. At the Hastings’ site, as you noted, pipe was added after Google mapped it. But these U shaped pipes are not metal, they are plastic…hard plastic. I saw the two stubs there of what should be a U shaped pipe. I bent down and felt the stubs, which are jagged tears…plastic. This aspect is driving me crazy. There are no tire tracks on the median and the grass is undisturbed. If the car hit the pipe,then the car was on the median. If it was on the median at the location of the pipe, then how did it end up on the other side of the tree with its back end partially in the road? Did somebody snap off that pipe to make it look as though the car hit it?

      1. Well, it may, as long as that is a Mercedes transmission. That thing, if it came from the Mercedes, could have gotten to that spot in only one of two ways…it went airborne and landed there or it slid most of the way. We are talking about roughly 800 lbs landing on top of a storm drain. Wouldn’t there be some cracking of the concrete? And if something that heavy slid, wouldn’t there be at least one or two gouges in the road? Or a trail of transmission fluid? It looks more like it was carefully placed there.

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