Two Car Bombs at the Hastings Crash — The Evidence

Two Car Bombs at the Hastings Crash — The Evidence

[NOTE: If you read this article a few days ago, please consider re-reading, as it has been substantially updated, and now includes a mathematical analysis of the engine/tranny throw. Also, there is one detail that absolutely proves the car did not hit the tree intact. This detail is found in the update at the end of the main body of the article below.]

First, in case you are unfamiliar with the crash scene, a brief orientation.

The car crashed into a palm tree on the median adjacent to 621 North Highland Avenue (west side). It was traveling due south. An aerial shot from Google Maps:

aerial_crash_bearings(Click to enlarge)

The red arrow represents the car’s trajectory until it swerved eastward onto the median. The indicated palm tree is the one it struck. The red ‘A’ thumbtack is 621 North Highland.

The car struck the tree on its north-by-northwest side — that is, if you were to face the tree looking due south, the initial impact zone on the trunk would be slightly off-center to the right. That is where the bark is cleanly chewed away. In the following photo provided by Jim Stone forum member Doug, you can see that the impact damage extends around the west side of the trunk, dissipating as it goes:


Note that to the extreme right of the trunk (southwest side) you can see the end of impact damage and after that there is only charred bark. This damage pattern indicates that the car struck the tree and rotated counterclockwise if seen from above. It ended up facing just south of due east. Yet there are no skid marks on the grass or asphalt from the back tires, indicating that they were airborne during the rotation.

Here is another shot provided by Doug showing scorched grass and asphalt but no skid marks on either. Doug took it from the west side of the avenue, in front of 621 N. Highland, facing east. The swath of scorched grass tells us the car’s orientation as it burned.


So, it is established that the car struck the tree slightly to the west on its north side and rotated with rear wheels airborne to the position indicated by the scorched grass area.

How and why did that happen? I’ll call this The Rotation Question, and I will answer it below.

First, we need to look at the engine, which was thrown 130 feet to the southeast and landed near the northeast corner of Highland Ave. and Clinton Street. First, a view from the ground, grabbed from the Livelabs footage appended at the end of this article:

[Note: Some guys have jumped on me — “That not the engine, that the transmission, your a moron!” — okay, I’m not a car guy. Whatever. That thing is heavy and it flew a long way.]


You can see the streetlight (left of engine), the concrete area with manhole it sits on, and the two leaning trees (right of engine) both in the following aerial shot and from Maps street view:

engine_loc_maps(Click to enlarge)

The car hit the tree on its north-by-northwest side. The engine ended up 130 feet southeast of the tree. Even assuming that no bombs were involved, the obvious question is, how did the engine clear the tree? It could never have flown through it!

I’ll call this the Magic Engine Question. Again, I’ll answer it below.

[Update: After reading this report, my engineer friend Bruce got curious and did some calculations on the engine flight, proving that even if the tree weren’t in the way, the car would have had to be going 250 mph to throw the engine that far — and that doesn’t even factor in the bolts fastening the engine to the car. His presentation is here: Simple Physics Calculation]

Next, I direct your attention to the debris field extending from the wreck area in a southeasterly spray pattern toward the blown-out engine.

On the east side of the avenue, facing southwest, engine down the road, off-screen, to the left:


Facing northwest, toward the wreck:


The debris field is extensive and far-reaching. I cannot consider it consistent with a mere high-speed impact.

Had it just been a high-speed impact, the front end ought to have been “wrapped around” the trunk of the tree, as you’ll see below.

But all that debris came from somewhere, and here it is — a mostly missing front end:


The sheet of metal to the left of the tree is the Mercedes’ hood, wrapped around its south side. Here’s a due-south grab from the median:


Now think about this for a minute. Take a good, hard look, and THINK.

Is there some quality about palm trees that makes them incredibly destructive to the front end of an impacting vehicle?

For quick reference, here are some shots of high-speed front-end impacts. Click on them for the sources.



The person who posted this next one claims the driver was an uncle going 200 kilometers per hour, or 125 mph:

Click on this next one and you’ll see an assortment of similar photos, non of the wrecks burned, and none with detached hoods:


Based on this evidence alone, I am convinced  there was a bomb in the engine compartment that destroyed the Mercedes’ front end and threw the engine. Since the cab was not destroyed, it was a directional bomb designed and placed to project the force of the explosion toward the front of the car.

Whiz kid Jim Stone forum member Glitch had this to say on the subject:

@Farganne Excluding the impossibility of the engine clearing the tree, the engine would not have gone 130 feet away from a collision alone. First, the engine would have to break free of its mounts, which are by no means weak. Then it would have to rip through the hood&frame in order to exit the engine compartment. After all of that, it would have to still have enough force from the momentum to travel 130 feet. Now, the engine in a Mercedes-Benz is not big, and weighs around 800-1200 lbs, and after ripping through the frame, it would not go very far. I don’t include math in this one as there are so many factors that are difficult to mathematically quantify, (the force to bust through the frame) and I don’t want to sit here all day doing it.

Moving on, here is a view of the wreck from the east side of Highland, facing due west:


Note that the top of the cab is caved in. Again, there’s the hood, twisted around the left (south) side of the tree.

The right front wheel looks to have been blown forward and cocked at an angle almost perpendicular to the rest of the car. It didn’t appear that way before the 2:00 mark of the Loudlabs footage, but it did afterward. There were secondary explosions during the time the car sat burning, so this bit of damage may have resulted from one of those.

Either that, or the wheel we see in this shot is actually the left front wheel blown over and obscuring the right front wheel from this angle.

Next, we need to take a look at the fire.


Many have been quick to point out that a Mercedes is not a Pinto. It doesn’t just burst into flames on impact with a tree. The gas tank in this vehicle is situated at its rear anyway. I think Jim Stone was correct in his assessment of the fire. It was instantly all-engulfing and incredibly intense. Such a fire could only have been initiated by a gas tank bomb, and I am taking that as a given.

I will close the focus on the fire by noting that Jose, the Spanish-speaking witness in the Loudlabs footage, though struggling to express himself in English, clearly indicated (3:45 – 3:48) that the car was on fire before it hit the tree. That tells me the gas tank bomb went off before the car hit the tree.

Now, after spending probably dozens of hours squinting at this scene from all angles, and visualizing scenerios to find one that explains all the observations I have made thus far, I am going to tell you what I think happened.

As it passed the two closely-spaced palm trees to the north of the impact palm, the car swerved left onto the median.

At that moment, both the gas tank bomb and an engine compartment bomb simultaneously went off.

Now for some Newtonian physics — equal and opposite reactions. The gas tank bomb caused the rear end of the car to lift. At the same time, the kick-back from the bomb in the engine compartment provided a counteracting “downward-and-backward” force.

The car flew toward the tree at reduced speed with its rear end raised and nose lowered.

Going in slow motion now. The blast threw the hood into the tree. It threw the engine down the street. At this point, there would still have been sufficient distance between car and tree for the bomb to throw the engine past the tree and down the street. This would be the point of origin of the debris field.

The hood hit the tree and wrapped around it.

At that point, before the hood fell, the car hit the tree with two impact points: first, whatever forward-projecting metallic scraps remained of the lower chassis (base of the trunk), followed by the upper edge of the windshield (higher up the tree).

The wrapped-around hood shielded the tree from surface abrasion at the upper impact point.

The Mercedes hit the tree slightly to the left of its own center. Forward momentum made it rotate counterclockwise (viewed from above) while falling to its final position, rear wheels airborne the whole time.

As it rotated, the wrapped hood went with it and ended up curved around the tree’s south side.

It fell in a heap where you see the scorched grass.

Loudlabs arrived, and I have had a headache ever since.

I believe that the car was remotely controlled.

And that is how I see it having happened.

Here is the Loudlabs footage:


Jim Stone forum member tigerwolfe made this valuable observation:

I believe I have identified a piece of the debris field from the limplobs video at around the 4:50 mark. While viewing the vid, I’d seen this peice many times, Like I’m certain many others have too. Could not ID it, so I ignored it.

It turns out to be from the nose of the Mercedes. The part of the front bumper to which the front license plate attaches. The front California license plate is NOT in the bracket, and could NOT get out without removing the white plastic trim.

This piece found on the road is NOT a piece from a car that hit a tree head-on at 100mph. And this piece did NOT come from a car that was currently licensed in CA.

A frame taken from the video:

And close-ups with a 2013 Diamond Silver Metallic Mercedes-Benz C 250 Coupe superimposed.

I will add this to tigerwolfe’s observation:



Addendum 1:

Was there a driver in the car?

I offer for your inspection these two shots. Is that a crash dummy head?




Addendum 2:

There has been some confusion about this shot. At first glance, it doesn’t seem to match the crash scene, but actually it does.


The denser, more crowded appearance of palm trees is due to telephoto lens distortion. The sign with the arrow above the car is way down at the intersection with Clinton Street. The telephoto lens magnified it.

From this shot it is also obvious that they shifted the wreck and removed the driver’s door after they extinguished the fire. Why, I don’t know.


Addendum 3:

In my humble opinion, anyone claiming the Mercedes was hit by a Hellfire missile is either deliberately or mistakenly full of it. For reasons that should be obvious by way of the preceding analysis.

Over and out.


27 thoughts on “Two Car Bombs at the Hastings Crash — The Evidence”

  1. Hastings has been kidnapped, undoubtedly by the FBI or CIA for getting too close to exposing their criminal treasonous activity.

  2. I saw interview from a witness who stated as he was driving down street he came to stop at traffic light and this Mercedes went by him, thru light, did not stop. I believe I recall him saying this. So I’m wondering did this witness see a person driving Mercedes?

  3. Please show me a CAR with the Engine 4 FEET off the ground? Your engineer friend needs to re familiarize himself with the basic car build. only a Monster Truck, with Extremely high suspension would get an engine that high off the ground. The “Transmission” of the Vehicle is no more that 5 INCHES off the ground, when the car is moving or otherwise.

    1. He made it four feet to be CONSERVATIVE.

      Even if it was a monster truck with an engine four feet off the ground, the damn thing would have to be going 250 mph to throw the engine 130 feet.

      Since it was a Mercedes and the engine was even lower, the speed needed to throw the engine that far would actually be a lot higher.

    2. Lemzia – if there was a gas tank explosion, 4 feet from the ground would be NOTHING – each gallon of gasoline is equivalent to 1 stick of dynamite, so even 10 gallons = 40 sticks.

      BOOM. Car flying.

      Add the front explosion, and I doubt you’ll find much evidence of anything except perhaps the car did a complete 180-degree mid-air before hitting the tree – thus EXPELLING the transmission (which is BURIED behind the engine, BOLTED to the engine, and HAS ITS OWN MOUNTS – as does the engine).

      So yeah – transmission, while lighter and smaller, it even more remote in the vehicle than the engine… suggesting the front device may have been placed directly beneath the driver – which would have been immediately astride the transmission in a rear-wheel drive vehicle.

      Food for thought.

  4. great article…but im really confused.. as a huge conspiracy theorist (often minus the theory, add fact) im eager to see what you see, and jump on board, but…your telling me you believe this car, that was being driven by the drive, was remotely activated to lose control and then simultaneously explode in two different ways (as in in the gas tank for fire and in the front end , i guess for explosive demolishing effect / kill effect) ??

    i mean it just seems too far fetched unless I’m missing something..

    ive seen a lot (not all, not even a large percentage) of cars gas tanks rupture from high speed impacts (which literally, in a fraction of a second, vaporizes the fuel around and all over the car before exploding) and ive seen impacts like this cause this trajectory…only thing that doesnt make sense at all is that fucking engine being projected so damn far… idk
    i havent heard anything that really makes sense to this reck yet

    please fill me in if theres something im missing

  5. from the beginning this wreck has never felt right!! The fire is way to intense… the speed way to fast.. NOTHING and I mean nothing right about it.. and for those who don’t know it happened approximately 28 days after he came out against the administration… there’s a youtube video of him speaking bluntly against the administration just 28 days before the “accident”… really?? The same administration he supported 100%!! So .. you figure it out!

  6. note to addendum 1:

    looks like it may be the headrest from the driver’s seat. while it may not normally sit in this far forward of a position, if there was indeed a gas tank explosion then the entire floor of the vehicle can be expected to have ‘moved’ in the opposite direction – possibly resulting in the seat back not only being higher than expected, but also further forward.


  7. Even IF the car was “hacked” and there was a bomb in it which exploded killing Hastings, the engine would not have ended-up out of the car, especially not 50-100 feet away! Farganne: I’ve followed you and Jim Stone for awhile, but you are both wrong about this one IMO. Since the cremation of ‘Hastings’ supposed remains, Stone has now said he agrees the engine being ejected from the car is not credible. Even a HUGE explosive device would not have been able to cause that to happen IMO – it seems like common sense to me (I’m no scientist). The whole thing was staged IMO. Hastings worked for big brother banksters – look at what he wrote in the past and you’ll agree. Hastings was not a real dissident, and his hit piece on McCrystal was likely ordered by big brother, probably because McCrystal didn’t follow orders properly, and cares about his oath to the constitution. In any case, Hastings body was never shown, and we are told he was burned beyond recognition, so the coroner had to do a forensic tests to prove it was him (um, he didn’t have a wallet with ID on him, or a watch his family knew he wore, etc.?). Bodies do not get burned beyond recognition that fast, even if they are blown up first. I think Farganne is wrong about Hastings being a real dissident who was assassinated, and I think he will agree with me now that the body was ‘cremated’. (Farganne?)

    1. I never said he was a real dissident. I don’t believe that real dissidents are allowed to appear in the mainstream.

      All I did was to examine the evidence and to the best of my ability reconstruct what happened.

      My common sense tells me that a bomb could unmoor the engine from the chassis and add to its momentum enough to send it flying. With a bounce or two it could land that distance from the wreck.

      I agree that this case is far from solved, and I have refrained from writing about other elements of it — such as the possibility that Hastings was there that night, on the sidelines, as it were.

      Thanks for reading.

  8. inda simmons says:
    June 30, 2013 at 5:28 pm
    I saw interview from a witness who stated as he was driving down street he came to stop at traffic light and this Mercedes went by him, thru light, did not stop. I believe I recall him saying this. So I’m wondering did this witness see a person driving Mercedes?

    We can not believe any of the witnesses in this case, because it seems as though it was totally staged, including all the witnesses. We are all being played as fools: Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston, and now this… I could go on for a long time: 9/11, 7/7, the destruction of Liberty (USS), WW-1, WW-2, and next a nuclear WW-3 IF we don’t wake-up to stop it. Orwell warned us: Animal Farm” is the way to stop “1984”, but we have to do it now. Big Brother is the Jewish banksters families headed by the Rothschild clan. My mother is Jewish, although I am not (I was not raised that way and did not even know she was Jewish until I moved-out as an adult), so I do not hate Jews. In FACT it says in the “Protocols of Zion” that they are using their “lesser brethren” to accomplish their NWO prison-planet (google it if you doubt me), so most Jewish people are being used to hide behind and for scapegoats! Jewish people are not the problem: the problem is the elite Jewish bankster families and the Zionism they created. Most Zionists are NOT Jewish (far more Christian Zionists), and most Jews are not Zionist (most of them despise the Zionist state and Zionism, now that they know what’s happening), contrary to popular opinion. It may be that only Jewish people can stop the NWO, since the self-described “learned elders of zion” claim to need them for creating their NWO nightmare…

    1. Thanks for tipping your hand, Jew. You just outed yourself.

      This Jew is here to slice and dice. Behold the Jew and learn from his tactics.

      For a first-hand account of what really happens at ordinary synagogues when no non-Jews are present:

      In fact, Judaism is a psychotic political ideology, and its “god” is actually an insane angel that seeks to usurp Creation. Jews still sacrifice children to this entity. Don’t buy the “most Jews have no idea of the conspiracy and oppose the Jewish state and are really good people” BULLSHIT. It’s one of their last lines of defense.

      Keep it up, Jew.

  9. Getting back to Orwell, to finish my last comment: Big Brother is the people allowed to create money out of nothing and charge interest on it, thereby giving themselves the power to control the world. The “inner party” is the ’round table’ groups, like the CFR, Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, etc. Big Brother creates round table groups to control all the countries governments, and coalitions of governments (NATO, UN, etc.). The “outer party” is everybody who works directly or indirectly for the inner party and big brother. If you pay taxes and vote, you are part of the outer party. The proletariat represents Orwell’s “proles”: the 85% of the population who don’t vote of pay taxes or have anything to do with politics – mostly in the third world. The inner party is watched VERY closely by big brother, and the outer party is watched too, but not quite so closely. Big brother wants to destroy the outer party, and have just the inner party and proles to control, because the outer party is the only group which can stop big brother. That’s my opinion about Orwell’s description of our world, which I think is accurate. Any thoughts?

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