PROOF Hastings’ Car Exploded Before Hitting Tree

For my full analysis of the Hastings “crash”, visit:

Jim Stone forum member tigerwolfe made this decisive observation:

I believe I have identified a piece of the debris field from the Loudlabs video at around the 4:50 mark. While viewing the vid, I’d seen this piece many times, Like I’m certain many others have too. Could not ID it, so I ignored it.

It turns out to be from the nose of the Mercedes. The part of the front bumper to which the front license plate attaches. The front California license plate is NOT in the bracket, and could NOT get out without removing the white plastic trim.

This piece found on the road is NOT a piece from a car that hit a tree head-on at 100mph. And this piece did NOT come from a car that was currently licensed in CA.

A frame taken from the video:

And close-ups with a 2013 Diamond Silver Metallic Mercedes-Benz C 250 Coupe superimposed.

I will add this to tigerwolfe’s observation:


Folks, this is it in a nutshell. Please, if you care about exposing these fraudulent events for what they are, share this page far and wide.

It doesn’t get any clearer or simpler than this. A schoolchild could see it.


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