Windbag Alex Jones Parroting Hastings Engine Lie

On June 18, 2013, a Mercedes C250 crashed and burned on a median of North Highland Avenue in LA. There was a palm tree in its path. The fire was suspicious because Mercedes automobiles do not just burst into flames, much less infernos, upon frontal impact with a tree. They are not Pintos. They are engineered for maximum safety.

Buzzfeed and Rolling Stone promptly announced that the deceased driver was journalist Michael Hastings. The coroner, oddly enough, needed more time.

The damage to the vehicle was far more extensive than would be possible from a classic, straight-on collision with a tree. Furthermore, the engine and transmission were found thrown around 130 feet in front of the wreck. That is conceivable if the engine retained its forward momentum while the rest of the car suddenly stopped, and it’s the same physics that throws people through windshields when they don’t wear their seatbelts.

In this case, I think the engine had a little help in its flight down the street, in front of the wreck. More on that below.

It is not physically possible for a car to throw its engine backward, behind itself, when it crashes into something head-on.

Yet that is exactly what Kimberly Dvorak has been claiming on TV, and Alex Jones parrots this nonsense in the following video, at the 40-second mark:

Is Alex really stupid enough to think that the engine could be thrown backward? Are all his staff that dumb?

At around the 2:50 mark, he starts melodramatically hinting that he might get whacked for his intrepid disinfo propagation.

The only thing that’s going to kill Alex Jones is that 9th slice of bacon on his Mossad-comped breakfast platter.

Soon he’ll be taking his magical mystery parade all the way over to North Highland Avenue, where he will attempt to cement into the minds of those who still trust him an entirely distorted version of what happened there.

If Jones does not physically go here and here with a camera crew demanding answers, then you can be sure (if still in doubt) that he is not the patriot that he claims to be.

That last sentence was an exercise in restraint. I am putting things very, very politely.

At the very least, giving him the benefit of the doubt, if Alex Jones honestly believes that Hastings’ Mercedes C250 crashed nose-first into a tree and the engine was thrown behind the wreck, then he lacks a schoolboy’s intuitive grasp of physics and is therefore too dumb to be trusted as a source of reliable information.

Now for a bit of a rant.

We are in a transitional period. Big “alternative media” juggernauts like Infowars are merging with the mainstream, leading their disaffected followers into a controlled section of the fold. Millions of people with an honest hatred for tyranny unwittingly waste their attention and their energy squatting in tyrant-controlled limited hangouts, consuming feedbag after feedbag of carefully mixed truth and disinformation.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media outlets increasingly report information that is “shocking” and “incriminating”, such as Wikileaks’ “revelations” of U.S. war atrocities (yawn) that were “broken” by the Zionist New York Times — or, most recently, Snowden’s “revelations” (yawn) of the NSA’s domestic spying programs.

People who watch CNN and Fox are already paralyzed, so what difference do such “revelations” make?

They gradually “normalize” the unacceptable. The sheeple in the Jones pen will go on baah-ing their told-you-so’s to those in the MSM pastures, who will blink and wonder why, until there’s no distinction anymore, just idiotic bleating, just incoherent noise — a brave new world of cognitive dissonance in which many people will trade in their common sense for some relief, and go along with such idiotic nonsense as the engine landing behind the wreck. For many who have their hearts and minds heavily invested in Alex Jones, it would be too painful to listen to their common sense, and stop listening to him.

Meanwhile, a few brave sites will continue exposing the juggernauts and doing their best to report truthful information. May God preserve them in the times ahead.

Those who pursue total control of finance, total control of food, total control of breeding, total control of me and you, total control of our thoughts and feelings, total control of mind, of culture, of spirit, of biology, of creation itself — in short, the luciferian rebels who are insane enough to pursue what is ultimately impossible — the would-be gods whose most sophisticated creations even a little insect puts to shame — the psychopathic control freaks that create the currency and run the world’s financial system like a circuitboard — the lizard-brained “elite” class that make and break the plastic people, the perverts and miscreants put up before the public as their “leaders” — the gangsters in three-piece suits, the cruellest, most heartless, most hellishly bloodthirsty gangsters in the world — they will stop at NOTHING to achieve total control of information, and they do NOT tolerate dissent that presents a genuine threat to them.

If you want to see where the engine really landed, and how it probably got there, please review my analysis of the crash scene. It is the only analysis I have seen which explains the wreck’s caved-in roof:

For the one crash scene detail which proves beyond all doubt that the car came apart before striking the tree:


Appendix 1: Engine Location


The streetlight, manhole cover, and leaning trees can all be seen from above:


The distance:


Below, the white arrow represents the trajectory of Hastings’ car. The yellow flash represents an explosion.


Appendix 2: Intact Front Bumper Panel

With a 2013 Diamond Silver Metallic Mercedes-Benz C 250 Coupe superimposed:


2 thoughts on “Windbag Alex Jones Parroting Hastings Engine Lie”

  1. My attempt at posting an image failed, so here is the URL for the picture of the gas tank:

    It sure looks to be in good condition for having just been in that inferno, unless it wasn’t involved and the fire was caused by Hollywood special effects powder, which is what I believe happened, especially now that Hastings body was supposedly cremated against his families wishes. Hastings was not a real investigative reporter and had a rather small following, so he wasn’t very important. He supposedly called the wikileaks lawyer to say he was being investigated by the FBI, and we all know wikileaks is a hoax. Wayne Madsen has some interesting information about Assange, who is obviously working for Big Brother, as I think Hastings is, and Snowden too. “Operation Snowden”
    is so much like “Operation Wikileaks”. Selective information already known is ‘leaked’ by supposed ‘traitors’, but nothing incriminating about the Zionist state – just its enemies. Snowden is kept stuck in an airport, simular to how Assange is kept stuck – both of them providing distraction from far more important issues happening right now. War against Syria is being planned, and it will likely result in a nuclear WW-III. Hastings probably wasn’t as important, but his story also provides a distraction, while spreading confusion and fear. If they really wanted to kill him, that isn’t the way they would do it, and certainly not in that neighborhood where an innocent (are there any?) Zionist elite might have gotten hurt by a high-speed crash. A perfect neighborhood for staging a fake hoax on the gullible goyim though!

    1. That is not the gas tank but the catalytic converter.

      I think more and more of us are looking past the distractions.

      Thanks for reading and chiming in 😉

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