A Plea To Help Jim Stone

A Plea To Help Jim Stone

Jim Stone is an extraordinary man. A prodigy from childhood getting shifted from foster home to dysfunctional foster home, at one point confined to a small attic for over a year in which he was not allowed to move for fear of making the boards creak, he nevertheless emerged an educated and well-adjusted adult whose intellectual acumen was sufficient to get him drafted into higher levels of clearance in the National Security Agency (NSA).

Please don’t jerk your knee at that reference. One thing I have learned from my friendship with Jim is that such agencies seek out moral people and then pigeonhole them with restricted knowledge. They want moral people because they want people who believe in their mission and won’t betray them. They sought out Jim because he was both moral and highly intelligent. Eventually, he decided to leave. Being a smart man of many talents, he pursued several careers after his NSA association. He was even a pianist at one point. Eventually, after discovering the zionist plot to enslave mankind, he resorted to running a vending machine operation that allowed him time to write reports exposing such malfeasance as tainted vaccines:


That report resulted in several governments recalling the vaccine in question. It resulted, if you follow the cascading, in the saving of perhaps millions of lives.

When Jim published a report proving beyond all doubt that the 3/11/11 (Fukushima) event was an act of nuclear terror with Israel as the prime suspect, he was illegally detained, during which time his vending machine business was smashed to ruins. His captors made a mistake when they assigned a sheriff’s deputy to guard him, and the deputy wasn’t in on it, and allowed him a telephone call.

After that, he had to crisscross the United States on a desperate run. Often he slept in the woods. He ate out of pizza restaurant dumpsters. Several times he was almost captured, and he lost a lot along the way. The government would not issue him a passport. Finally he secured a passport issued by the WSA (World Service Authority, it might do you good to look it up), and this passport got him admitted to Mexico. That was in May of 2012. Since arriving in Mexico, he has been harassed in many different ways. Their tactics have mainly involved frying his cell modems and hacking his forum. But lately, his situation has taken a turn for the worst. Drastically.

Recently, Jim was approached by an agent of a U.S. Federal agency he has yet to identify. The agent who approached him had been told that Jim was running drugs in that country. Jim succeeding in showing him otherwise. That agent has likely been destroyed as an agent, because Jim showed him the facts behind 3/11/11 and 9/11/01. The man saw the light, and there was no turning back for him. He was honest, but had been misinformed. But there are other agents, backburner alternatives, who have no qualms about destroying an innocent man. These are the next wave of assault that will be unleashed on Jim Stone if we don’t get the word out and awaken enough people to his situation that those agents’ masters will think at least twice about deploying them.

I know Jim Stone. I know him because when he was running from the States, I was maybe his only email contact. Why that was, I don’t know, but we corresponded extensively. I published the following articles which I think are an excellent primer for his report on Fukushima:



Later, we talked a lot on Skype. I can tell you that Jim Stone is a real man with a good heart and he wants to use his knowledge to help mankind. He is resolutely opposed to the modern occult money tyranny that enslaves us, and at every turn he has sought to expose the masters and their dirty tricks for what they really are.

Please help Jim Stone by spreading knowledge of his work, his sacrifice for that work, and his current predicament. The more people who understand his situation and appreciate his contributions to our collective knowledge, the harder it will be for his persecutors to get away with their tactics against him.

Thank you.



3 thoughts on “A Plea To Help Jim Stone”

  1. We pray for JIm always and he can be assured that God’s plans will be partially fulfilled through his dedication and faith and his love of the truth. I tried three different times to get my book, “There’s A Hailstorm Coming,” to him for the same reasons that he is exposing the political intrigue. The lies we Americans have been told are so thick and numerous that most people are shocked when they finally “get it.” The same is true in the religious world as well. I tell people, if you ever want to know the truth about Scripture, you must leave your mainstream denominational church whether Catholic or Protestant and look for Spiritual truth elsewhere. In Churches, the only difference is that most people and ministers are operating by deceit and not necessarily evil intent. It is the same source that brought deceit to our political world that brought it to the religious world and for the same purpose, to gain empathy and support for their evil plans.
    We pray for Jim and you as well Mr. Farganne. Never stop the fight for freedom and truth.

  2. @Farganne,Awesome the time you took,to write this, Thank-you for all you have done and continue to do,in helping humanity,Namaste’

  3. If people like Jim were supported 0.01% the level that fools and a*holes are in the system, then there would be immense relief and hope in this world and we wouldn’t need a second coming or day of judgement.
    If Jim is not for real, i am the world’s biggest fool. (I could still be a fool anyways though).

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