Andrew MacGregor is a Freemason

While I wait for Jim Stone to get back to me, I thought I’d throw this down, just for fun.

The argument I am about to make to support the titular bit of frivolous (and easily retractable) libel carries about as much weight as what its target recently leveled at Jim Stone (not his real name, which I know, and have researched via public record so as to determine that, in fact, he is a United States citizen, was born and resided there well before Vialls met the Maker).

Andrew MacGregor is a Freemason. How do I know?

Well, he claims to be a former Australian police officer. Now look at the manner of images that come up when one searches Google images for “Australian police”:

It seems the Australian police cannot produce a car or uniform that does not bear the Freemasonic checkerboard motif signifying the Kabbalistic concept of Duality, wherein is committed the fallacy that as “up” cannot exist without “down”, so “good” depends on “evil”, thereby justifying the latter.

Andrew MacGregor argues that since Jim Stone referenced Joe Vialls, ergo Jim Stone is Joe Vialls.

Similarly, I argue that since Andrew MacGregor was an Australian police officer, ergo he is a Freemason and an agent of societal destruction.

That carries about the same weight as MacGregor’s argument. A little more, actually.


One thought on “Andrew MacGregor is a Freemason”

  1. Nailed It !,Great article.AKA-Project Monarch,MK-Ultra.”The freemasonic checkerboard mot if,signifying the kabbalistic of duality”. How many other countrys (their police) wear the checkerboard white and black hats.Plus is “Hidden in Plain Site” everywhere you look.

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