Jim Stone on the American Police State


I have received numerous e-mails about out of control police in America

The latest focused on how the police are now the enemy, with a license to kill. And I have this to say on this topic –

All my friends in America are business owners and at least have a master’s degree. None have any criminal record. And they are all afraid of the police. There is something wrong with that.

Even back in 2004 the police were a serious problem. Even as law abiding people it is dangerous to call them, because they will start asking you questions going back as far as your childhood. If you innocently allow them to, they will cross examine everything and if any of your story about your life, even totally innocent or irrelevant talk does not match any subsequent questions, they will arrest you and then take you in for questioning, not giving a damn about whether or not being removed from society for a period of time ruins you. They won’t care if you need to go to work, they won’t care if you have bills to pay, they will only care that you did not pass muster in a cross examination and will hold you captive until they figure out why there was a conflict in cross examination. Just in routine traffic stops long before the Fuku report or any other problems I got heavily cross examined in this way. There does not need to be any probable cause, suspected crime, NADA, simply not making it through a cross examination is probable cause for arrest.

And now to the topic of the mail I received today – that the Police are now being trained to consider Christians as terrorists, the exact same way they were in Bolshevik Russia. American police are now being trained by Israelis, often in Israel. And the Israelis are teaching our police that Christians are terrorists, and that America was founded by terrorisim because our founding fathers terrorized the British in the battle for independence. This is not a joke. All the way back before 9/11 this was happening, and slowly but surely, as our police get indoctrinated by the Israelis to believe that average Americans are terrorists, especially Christians and constitutionalists, America is slipping deeper into the abyss long after having gone off the edge. Take a look at the following video which is Israeli training at a FEMA sponsored police seminar, and consider this – this video is OLD, real old, well over a decade old, from before 9/11 and our police nowadays are being even more radicalized than this.Click this link, because Youtube will not serve this web site embeds

The fact that this was never stopped is the real reason why I believe it is over with for America – the Israelis really have given us a terrorist police force. This is not going to stop. It is only getting worse. I noticed something in the movie The Hunger Games – the second one – that police state had armored police vehicles that were the same as the 3400 armored police vehicles ordered by the DHS and given to our police, and the many more that the police departments have purchased on their own.

First is a DHS issued police vehicle. Second is one from the Hunger Games. See anything wrong with this? Are the “hunger games” a warning? When I saw this in the hunger games, portraying the worst police state imaginable, what does it say for America now? Think about that.




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