Japan Limiting Israeli Visas to Keep Israeli Mafia Out

Fukushima 3/11 Truth

[Editor’s note: Israel is a significant destination country for victims trafficked from Southeast Asia and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Also women from the former Soviet Union are sent to Israel, by well-organized criminal groups. At any given time, 3,000+ women traded for prostitution, are in Israel. Israel is known to be involved in the smuggling and trafficking of: weapons, drugs, organs and humans.]

January 15, 2014 – Jim Stone

UPDATE: CONFIRMED BY REUTERS – over 50,000 people now doing cleanup of radioactive debris from reactor 3. FINALLY the real numbers. Unconfirmed blogs say medical professionals have recorded over 800 radiation deaths of cleanup workers and have been told to keep their mouths shut under heavy threat in the name of “national security”. THAT MAKES SENSE.

This is the start of the new information that has come to light as a result of looking into who is doing the fukushima…

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2 thoughts on “Japan Limiting Israeli Visas to Keep Israeli Mafia Out”

    1. for what it’s (not) worth. I still have to see the first document or proof coming from Fulford. I believe Mr Stone has done a much better job at bringing facts, considering his impressive investigation. An investigation that is still ongoing. As for Fulford, he may be right abou some things but where is his proof. We can all say what we want but that will not be sufficient to break the FUKU silence.

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