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How Antidepressants Make Ecstasy Look Like Caffeine


(Note: I am posting this here because Jim is on the run and often unable to permalink his updates.)

Antidepressants are far more powerful than Ecstasy

I can easily prove in no uncertain terms that ANY antidepressant will raise serotonin levels high enough to block an Ecstasy trip.

There are a couple reasons why an antidepressant will crank you up much higher than Ecstasy without (totally) tripping you out and without killing you, even though the end result is harder on your emotional neurons and will kill them faster than a full time Ecstasy high, and it’s easy to prove.

Ecstasy (MDMA) functions by causing your brain to suddenly release it’s entire reserve of serotonin at once. And people who have dropped Ecstasy and then go on antidepressants, and THEN drop Ecstasy, can’t feel the ecstasy.

The reason is simple – your brain only has a certain number of serotonin receptors, and after a while on an antidepressant, which blocks the reuptake of serotonin, your synapses become so over saturated with serotonin that it occupies all receptor sites, so having more be suddenly released by a hit of Ecstasy produces no perceivable effect.

If you read the druggie blogs, they often complain about Ecstasy no longer working once they start taking antidepressants. And Ecstasy is well known to be a burn out drug, that causes permanent damage very quickly with repeated use. In fact, there have been many studies that say ONE Ecstasy high for a single night can permanently change people’s emotional condition, for life. Some people get serious damage from a single use.

Since Ecstasy is not an officially approved drug, the bad stories are easy to find. Interesting it is that the approved drug – the one your doctor recommends, is far worse than what any street junkie would throw your way. Since an antidepressant puts the serotonin levels higher than Ecstasy will, and keep them that high indefinitely, the damage is usually severe and permanent.

Ahh, but there is a question here – Ecstasy produces a very noticeable high, and very noticeable warped perception, and does this by simply boosting serotonin levels. Since you trip out on Ecstasy, and you don’t usually trip out on an antidepressant, that means Ecstasy is worse, right? well, NO.

There is a reason why an antidepressant does not usually produce Ecstasy like hallucinations, and it’s easy to explain.

When you take a hit of Ecstasy, your serotonin levels go from normal to max in a few minutes. This puts the brain off balance, with no time to adjust to the difference. The neurons are fresh and not over worked, so they output a lot of sensation. This causes the Ecstasy “trip”.

When you take an antidepressant, it takes several weeks for the serotonin to build up to the level of an Ecstasy high. And ANY druggie will tell you that if you want to blow your entire stash, don’t do it all at once. Do it a step at a time, and let yourself settle down a bit before the next hit, because if you take too many hits at ONE TIME, you will be likely to overload and overdose. You can get much higher without overdosing or totally flipping out by slowly toking yourself up. And that’s exactly how an antidepressant does it.

No meth high, cocaine high, Ecstasy high, pot high, heroin high, or whatever other high lasts more than a couple days, then you crash. And druggies can toke themselves up REALLY high over the course of a day.

With an antidepressant, the high is intended to last until you are destroyed. That means it never backs off. That means you continuously get higher and higher and higher until you clip out, and can’t get any higher. This makes a mega high drug, like Ecstasy, have little or no effect. You don’t know you are THAT high, because it took weeks to get there. It takes a long time for the brain to naturally release THAT MUCH serotonin, so since the releases of serotonin are always at a natural pace while using an antidepressant, and only build upon previous releases that happened at a natural pace, you don’t trip out (usually), you just get really cheery after a while.

And the junkies who complain about not being able to get high on Ecstasy while doing antidepressants are PERFECT PROOF.

In a study done on rats which were fed either prozac, (fluoxitine) or zoloft, the rats exhibited the exact same brain damage as what happens with ecstacy use. A group of rats were fed prozac for only four days, while another was fed Ecstasy. Both groups then had their brains dissected. In both groups, the axons (the connection at the end of a dendrite that forms the receiving side of a synapse) were severely swollen, and took on a corkscrew shape. It was obvious that the corkscrewed axons would no longer function normally. And that was after only four days. Rats are considered to be a suitable test for what will happen in people.

The prozac damage was exactly the same as a heavy Ecstasy regimen, where the high was continued for the same period of time. Such Ecstasy highs are seldom done, because everyone knows that if you crank yourself up for a week on Ecstasy without stopping, your emotions are likely to be permanently wrecked. Why no warnings about Prozac?

And nowadays, prozac (fluoxetine) is the mild one they give to children. WTF is up with that?

When you put the facts on the table, it is OBVIOUS that antidepressants are ONE THING, and ONE THING ONLY. AN ACT OF WAR AGAINST THE SOUL ITSELF. It could take dying to get it back. Take a look at this poor chap trying to get off of Effexor, and read the comments below!

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The most important document ever produced by this web site is here: Nuclear Sabotage at Fukushima

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Want A Chemical Lobotomy? Take Antidepressants!

Proof That Antidepressants Destroy People —


Jim Stone, the man who proved that Israel did Fukushima, made the following chart to show you with horrifying visual clarity what antidepressants (Prozac, Paxil, Effexor, etc.) do to the cells of the frontal lobe of your brain. Here it is, unspeakably awful, please take a look:

Think of it this way, folks. Brain cells are like little incandescent light bulbs: they’re electrical, and they burn out.

What happens to light bulb filaments after they’ve burned a few hundred hours? psfzzf! Or, you can kill a light bulb in an hour or two, by flicking it ON OFF ON OFF ON. The more you stress the light bulb, the sooner it will expire. This is not an ideal analogy, but it will serve for those who get cross-eyed looking at technical language. Antidepressants basically overdrive the little light bulbs in your brain until they fry.

And then guess what? The same happens to their replacements, until there are none left. You have been lobotomized. That means that your soul has been more or less erased.

Not only that, but the drug companies know it, because they designed antidepressants for that express purpose. Stone hacked into the corporate servers at GlaxoSmithKline and has the proof.

Try to get off these drugs before the damage is done, and you may well be in for symptoms that make heroin withdrawal look like a spa vacation. I am not exaggerating. Read Stone’s report. Read the testimonies that he presents, and read the challenge he has thrown down for all antidepressant takers. This report is front and center at his site right now:

Here is the permalink to an earlier (and more detailed) version of this report:

Sample testimonials:

“I’ve been in an extremely peculiar state for the past 8 months after stopping Wellbutrin/buproprion. I have literally lost everything inside of me and no longer have a sense of “inner being”. My personality has been completely erased, along with the inner psyche I’ve spent a lifetime building. When I attempt to “look inside”, it is impossible because there is literally nothing there. Everything that made up my specific sense of personal being is gone, including including my hopes, fears, dreams, goals, opinions, values, morals, likes/dislikes, and most strikingly, all emotions and feelings.

I have no feelings associated with past events, and no emotional connections with anything in the world. Specific emotions that defined my personal sense of being are no longer there. People, places, things and events that I thought were etched in my soul as having significance no longer mean a thing. Absolutely nothing, I can’t stress this enough.

I am unable to look backward or forward, have no sense of past accomplishments and no desire for future ones. The strangest thing is, I cannot feel anything toward being in this state, as that part of me is gone too. It’s like a recursive erasure of everything I ever was, am, and will be.

It doesn’t feel like life is a conscious experience that I am having anymore, as there is no inner construct within me to absorb an experience on any level. I see, hear, touch, and smell, yet each of these is so devoid of emotional content that they don’t coalesce into anything meaningful I can call a human consciousness. My sense of being has been replaced by a constant void of nothingness that is unchanging, 24/7, I feel nothing towards the nothingness. It is not like feeling empty inside, there is no inside to feel empty within.

Getting to this state was a long process that started with gradually losing my emotions. This started when I decided to withdraw from the antidepressant Wellbutrin/Bupropion which I’d been on a high dosage of for 5 years. Strangely, going back on it did not help, but made things worse. When I stopped and started the drug a second time, I experienced one tremendous day of improvement followed by a seizure while sleeping, and woke up in a confused state. After this I regressed and felt completely dead inside.

This waking up in a confused state happened 2 more times, once in May 2010 and once in September 2010. Both of these were preceded by sudden improvements. But upon waking I felt like I had lost a basic part of my self. Not just feelings, but the core of my being. What I felt to be the complete and final destruction of my inner being happened on September 7th, 2010, and there hasn’t been a change since (it has now been 8 months).

– – – – – –

“I tell you, I never had a problem before celexa. I just want to be back to me. I want to no longer be the pitiful creature it made me. I want to be me. The old me. I want myself back. Life isn’t worth living with this new person holding my thoughts and feelings hostage. I have been off Celexa since last year. I JUST WANT ME BACK.”

“I have been on 0 mgs for almost a year, and my emotional state has yet to come back to normal. (normal me). I have been from Psyc doc to Psyc doc (never needed before celexa) to try to figure it out. They point the problem back to me. I found out by reading around the Internet, and buying the book “Prozac: Panacea or Pandora” by doctor Ann Blake Tracy, and I found out that several people, if not all people, who go off these drugs experience exactly what I have experienced. When Natalie wrote what she wrote, you can go back to some of my earlier posts and the withdrawal effects are written down almost verbatim. These are bad for our brains, they change our personalities. I want my life back, and don’t want even my worst enemy to experience what I have been through. These people have no love for their fellow man. We need to, no matter how emotionally messed up we are, we need to band together and prevent them (a commercial for Cymbalta just came on the tv, made my blood boil) from prescribing them to ANYONE. Depression hurts said the commercial, I never knew depression till after celexa. I have been through hell, therefore hell exists.”