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I believe China is presently using principles of Taoism and Kung Fu to take over Western assets throughout Asia and use them as leverage toward greater global dominance. To some, this might be a frightening proposition. I would advise such persons to question their assumptions regarding what they think they know about China.

Truth about the Cheonan Warship

In case any of you are still deluded or taken in by the laughably flimsy (and faulty) “evidence” that “investigators” tried to pass off as “proof” in pinning blame for the Cheonan’s destruction on North Korea … I am happy to link to you thisĀ expose by WordPress blogger extraordinare Willy Loman (

Willy Loman is a hero. Our governments do very little but deceive us. However, they also do far worse.

Consider the Gulf of Tonkin incident, in which the U.S. sank one of its own vessels off the coast of Vietnam, then blamed it on the Vietnamese in order to justify invading a sovereign country, stripping it of its right to self-determinacy, and murdering 4 million of its people.

Consider, in the case of the Cheonan, the following facts:

1. Henry Kissinger was in Seoul about 2 weeks before the disaster.
2. Henry Kissinger presumably came to town on business.
3. Heinz Kissinger’s business is widely known to involve large amounts of death and destruction.
4. H. Kissinger was the “Architect of the Vietnam War”.
5. Herr Kissinger came to Seoul to speak at a “Defense Forum”.
6. Herr Kissinger never made it to the Forum because he came down with food poisoning. (Interesting: How does a much-vaunted war criminal, one of the most powerful men on Earth, a man who gets the best of everything, come down with food poisoning? By eating in unsanitary conditions?)
7. Herr Kissinger left (fled?) South Korea before the Forum opened.

For your confirmation that Herr Kissinger did indeed visit Seoul during the time I claim he did, click here.

At that time, I had not yet learned to save the articles referencing his food poisoning, which have since gone down the memory hole (same thing happened with early reportage on the Cheonan), to be replaced with “stomach virus”.

Anyway … hmmm. Gulf-of-Tonkin-style incident in the Yellow Sea, anyone?

I have reason to believe that Herr Kissinger has powerful enemies here in the ROK — certain, shall we say, unsavoury elements who are fully capable of taking out the likes of even a Kissinger, provided he has encroached on their home turf.

More on my reasons for believing so as my story unfolds.