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Jim Stone on the American Police State

I have received numerous e-mails about out of control police in America

The latest focused on how the police are now the enemy, with a license to kill. And I have this to say on this topic –

All my friends in America are business owners and at least have a master’s degree. None have any criminal record. And they are all afraid of the police. There is something wrong with that.

Even back in 2004 the police were a serious problem. Even as law abiding people it is dangerous to call them, because they will start asking you questions going back as far as your childhood. If you innocently allow them to, they will cross examine everything and if any of your story about your life, even totally innocent or irrelevant talk does not match any subsequent questions, they will arrest you and then take you in for questioning, not giving a damn about whether or not being removed from society for a period of time ruins you. They won’t care if you need to go to work, they won’t care if you have bills to pay, they will only care that you did not pass muster in a cross examination and will hold you captive until they figure out why there was a conflict in cross examination. Just in routine traffic stops long before the Fuku report or any other problems I got heavily cross examined in this way. There does not need to be any probable cause, suspected crime, NADA, simply not making it through a cross examination is probable cause for arrest.

And now to the topic of the mail I received today – that the Police are now being trained to consider Christians as terrorists, the exact same way they were in Bolshevik Russia. American police are now being trained by Israelis, often in Israel. And the Israelis are teaching our police that Christians are terrorists, and that America was founded by terrorisim because our founding fathers terrorized the British in the battle for independence. This is not a joke. All the way back before 9/11 this was happening, and slowly but surely, as our police get indoctrinated by the Israelis to believe that average Americans are terrorists, especially Christians and constitutionalists, America is slipping deeper into the abyss long after having gone off the edge. Take a look at the following video which is Israeli training at a FEMA sponsored police seminar, and consider this – this video is OLD, real old, well over a decade old, from before 9/11 and our police nowadays are being even more radicalized than this.Click this link, because Youtube will not serve this web site embeds

The fact that this was never stopped is the real reason why I believe it is over with for America – the Israelis really have given us a terrorist police force. This is not going to stop. It is only getting worse. I noticed something in the movie The Hunger Games – the second one – that police state had armored police vehicles that were the same as the 3400 armored police vehicles ordered by the DHS and given to our police, and the many more that the police departments have purchased on their own.

First is a DHS issued police vehicle. Second is one from the Hunger Games. See anything wrong with this? Are the “hunger games” a warning? When I saw this in the hunger games, portraying the worst police state imaginable, what does it say for America now? Think about that.




Two Car Bombs at the Hastings Crash — The Evidence

Two Car Bombs at the Hastings Crash — The Evidence

[NOTE: If you read this article a few days ago, please consider re-reading, as it has been substantially updated, and now includes a mathematical analysis of the engine/tranny throw. Also, there is one detail that absolutely proves the car did not hit the tree intact. This detail is found in the update at the end of the main body of the article below.]

First, in case you are unfamiliar with the crash scene, a brief orientation.

The car crashed into a palm tree on the median adjacent to 621 North Highland Avenue (west side). It was traveling due south. An aerial shot from Google Maps:

aerial_crash_bearings(Click to enlarge)

The red arrow represents the car’s trajectory until it swerved eastward onto the median. The indicated palm tree is the one it struck. The red ‘A’ thumbtack is 621 North Highland.

The car struck the tree on its north-by-northwest side — that is, if you were to face the tree looking due south, the initial impact zone on the trunk would be slightly off-center to the right. That is where the bark is cleanly chewed away. In the following photo provided by Jim Stone forum member Doug, you can see that the impact damage extends around the west side of the trunk, dissipating as it goes:


Note that to the extreme right of the trunk (southwest side) you can see the end of impact damage and after that there is only charred bark. This damage pattern indicates that the car struck the tree and rotated counterclockwise if seen from above. It ended up facing just south of due east. Yet there are no skid marks on the grass or asphalt from the back tires, indicating that they were airborne during the rotation.

Here is another shot provided by Doug showing scorched grass and asphalt but no skid marks on either. Doug took it from the west side of the avenue, in front of 621 N. Highland, facing east. The swath of scorched grass tells us the car’s orientation as it burned.


So, it is established that the car struck the tree slightly to the west on its north side and rotated with rear wheels airborne to the position indicated by the scorched grass area.

How and why did that happen? I’ll call this The Rotation Question, and I will answer it below.

First, we need to look at the engine, which was thrown 130 feet to the southeast and landed near the northeast corner of Highland Ave. and Clinton Street. First, a view from the ground, grabbed from the Livelabs footage appended at the end of this article:

[Note: Some guys have jumped on me — “That not the engine, that the transmission, your a moron!” — okay, I’m not a car guy. Whatever. That thing is heavy and it flew a long way.]


You can see the streetlight (left of engine), the concrete area with manhole it sits on, and the two leaning trees (right of engine) both in the following aerial shot and from Maps street view:

engine_loc_maps(Click to enlarge)

The car hit the tree on its north-by-northwest side. The engine ended up 130 feet southeast of the tree. Even assuming that no bombs were involved, the obvious question is, how did the engine clear the tree? It could never have flown through it!

I’ll call this the Magic Engine Question. Again, I’ll answer it below.

[Update: After reading this report, my engineer friend Bruce got curious and did some calculations on the engine flight, proving that even if the tree weren’t in the way, the car would have had to be going 250 mph to throw the engine that far — and that doesn’t even factor in the bolts fastening the engine to the car. His presentation is here: Simple Physics Calculation]

Next, I direct your attention to the debris field extending from the wreck area in a southeasterly spray pattern toward the blown-out engine.

On the east side of the avenue, facing southwest, engine down the road, off-screen, to the left:


Facing northwest, toward the wreck:


The debris field is extensive and far-reaching. I cannot consider it consistent with a mere high-speed impact.

Had it just been a high-speed impact, the front end ought to have been “wrapped around” the trunk of the tree, as you’ll see below.

But all that debris came from somewhere, and here it is — a mostly missing front end:


The sheet of metal to the left of the tree is the Mercedes’ hood, wrapped around its south side. Here’s a due-south grab from the median:


Now think about this for a minute. Take a good, hard look, and THINK.

Is there some quality about palm trees that makes them incredibly destructive to the front end of an impacting vehicle?

For quick reference, here are some shots of high-speed front-end impacts. Click on them for the sources.



The person who posted this next one claims the driver was an uncle going 200 kilometers per hour, or 125 mph:

Click on this next one and you’ll see an assortment of similar photos, non of the wrecks burned, and none with detached hoods:


Based on this evidence alone, I am convinced  there was a bomb in the engine compartment that destroyed the Mercedes’ front end and threw the engine. Since the cab was not destroyed, it was a directional bomb designed and placed to project the force of the explosion toward the front of the car.

Whiz kid Jim Stone forum member Glitch had this to say on the subject:

@Farganne Excluding the impossibility of the engine clearing the tree, the engine would not have gone 130 feet away from a collision alone. First, the engine would have to break free of its mounts, which are by no means weak. Then it would have to rip through the hood&frame in order to exit the engine compartment. After all of that, it would have to still have enough force from the momentum to travel 130 feet. Now, the engine in a Mercedes-Benz is not big, and weighs around 800-1200 lbs, and after ripping through the frame, it would not go very far. I don’t include math in this one as there are so many factors that are difficult to mathematically quantify, (the force to bust through the frame) and I don’t want to sit here all day doing it.

Moving on, here is a view of the wreck from the east side of Highland, facing due west:


Note that the top of the cab is caved in. Again, there’s the hood, twisted around the left (south) side of the tree.

The right front wheel looks to have been blown forward and cocked at an angle almost perpendicular to the rest of the car. It didn’t appear that way before the 2:00 mark of the Loudlabs footage, but it did afterward. There were secondary explosions during the time the car sat burning, so this bit of damage may have resulted from one of those.

Either that, or the wheel we see in this shot is actually the left front wheel blown over and obscuring the right front wheel from this angle.

Next, we need to take a look at the fire.


Many have been quick to point out that a Mercedes is not a Pinto. It doesn’t just burst into flames on impact with a tree. The gas tank in this vehicle is situated at its rear anyway. I think Jim Stone was correct in his assessment of the fire. It was instantly all-engulfing and incredibly intense. Such a fire could only have been initiated by a gas tank bomb, and I am taking that as a given.

I will close the focus on the fire by noting that Jose, the Spanish-speaking witness in the Loudlabs footage, though struggling to express himself in English, clearly indicated (3:45 – 3:48) that the car was on fire before it hit the tree. That tells me the gas tank bomb went off before the car hit the tree.

Now, after spending probably dozens of hours squinting at this scene from all angles, and visualizing scenerios to find one that explains all the observations I have made thus far, I am going to tell you what I think happened.

As it passed the two closely-spaced palm trees to the north of the impact palm, the car swerved left onto the median.

At that moment, both the gas tank bomb and an engine compartment bomb simultaneously went off.

Now for some Newtonian physics — equal and opposite reactions. The gas tank bomb caused the rear end of the car to lift. At the same time, the kick-back from the bomb in the engine compartment provided a counteracting “downward-and-backward” force.

The car flew toward the tree at reduced speed with its rear end raised and nose lowered.

Going in slow motion now. The blast threw the hood into the tree. It threw the engine down the street. At this point, there would still have been sufficient distance between car and tree for the bomb to throw the engine past the tree and down the street. This would be the point of origin of the debris field.

The hood hit the tree and wrapped around it.

At that point, before the hood fell, the car hit the tree with two impact points: first, whatever forward-projecting metallic scraps remained of the lower chassis (base of the trunk), followed by the upper edge of the windshield (higher up the tree).

The wrapped-around hood shielded the tree from surface abrasion at the upper impact point.

The Mercedes hit the tree slightly to the left of its own center. Forward momentum made it rotate counterclockwise (viewed from above) while falling to its final position, rear wheels airborne the whole time.

As it rotated, the wrapped hood went with it and ended up curved around the tree’s south side.

It fell in a heap where you see the scorched grass.

Loudlabs arrived, and I have had a headache ever since.

I believe that the car was remotely controlled.

And that is how I see it having happened.

Here is the Loudlabs footage:


Jim Stone forum member tigerwolfe made this valuable observation:

I believe I have identified a piece of the debris field from the limplobs video at around the 4:50 mark. While viewing the vid, I’d seen this peice many times, Like I’m certain many others have too. Could not ID it, so I ignored it.

It turns out to be from the nose of the Mercedes. The part of the front bumper to which the front license plate attaches. The front California license plate is NOT in the bracket, and could NOT get out without removing the white plastic trim.

This piece found on the road is NOT a piece from a car that hit a tree head-on at 100mph. And this piece did NOT come from a car that was currently licensed in CA.

A frame taken from the video:

And close-ups with a 2013 Diamond Silver Metallic Mercedes-Benz C 250 Coupe superimposed.

I will add this to tigerwolfe’s observation:



Addendum 1:

Was there a driver in the car?

I offer for your inspection these two shots. Is that a crash dummy head?




Addendum 2:

There has been some confusion about this shot. At first glance, it doesn’t seem to match the crash scene, but actually it does.


The denser, more crowded appearance of palm trees is due to telephoto lens distortion. The sign with the arrow above the car is way down at the intersection with Clinton Street. The telephoto lens magnified it.

From this shot it is also obvious that they shifted the wreck and removed the driver’s door after they extinguished the fire. Why, I don’t know.


Addendum 3:

In my humble opinion, anyone claiming the Mercedes was hit by a Hellfire missile is either deliberately or mistakenly full of it. For reasons that should be obvious by way of the preceding analysis.

Over and out.

Proof That A Car Bomb Killed Michael Hastings?

Disclaimer: When I first posted this, I was excited and maybe too sure of myself. I am not an expert in these matters. So I offer the following evidence to support my current thesis that a car bomb in the engine compartment destroyed the front end of the Mercedes and lobbed the engine down the street. I have been alerted to at least one precedent for engine ejection upon impact, so I wonder what a bomb could do.

Note: Jim Stone has stated that the following image is from a photo op scene with a switched car at a switched location. I don’t know. Even if that is true, the footage showing the obliteration of the car’s front end was taken at the scene, when it was still dark.

When I first saw this tableau, I immediately wondered: WHY THE BLANKET?


Now I know. It’s because the front end of the car is almost completely GONE.

Check out these still shots, taken from Loudlabs News footage (posted below):


The carriage and rear end are cocked back from a blast that cleared the engine compartment. The right front wheel and part of the front bumper are about all that’s left, and they are cocked forward.

Now from the driver’s side angle:


Note what looks to be the hood twisted around the left side of the palm tree.

Now, a direct side shot:


The blanket was there to hide the fact that almost the entire front end of the car is gone.

Only a bomb could have done that.

Perhaps this explains the flight of the engine down the street. I leave that to the more technically-minded to decide.

Jim Stone’s analysis:


A member at the Jim Stone Forum argues that such damage is consistent with a normal high-speed tree impact. That may very well be. But Stone’s analysis has already shown that this was no ordinary car fire.

That raging fire, in my opinion, would not happen from a bomb-free impact. Car experts agree.

Consider, too, the eyewitness testimony at 1:11 of the Loudlabs footage below, where she states that the car “exploded upon impact” with the tree.

Also the other eyewitness who told the local news reporter that her house shook and her windows rattled — that it sounded, and felt, like a bomb had exploded.

Then there’s the engine down the street.

Finally, I went to Google Images and looked up some high-speed vehicle-tree collisions. They are indeed incredibly destructive.

But look at that last photo again:


Seems to me that there is a lot of “gap” between the tree and the cab of the car, and no wreckage in there — just empty space.

Had the car hit the tree at high speed, causing all that damage, I think the cab would be scrunched right up against the trunk. Like when they say that Jed “wrapped his Camaro around” a telephone pole.

It looks to me like the car bumped into the tree and that triggered a detonation.

Here is the Loudlabs footage:



Note: Unless you are a Jim Stone Forum reader, this will not be significant to you.

blownoutsctn blownoutsection

Questions about the Death of Michael Hastings

According to the following article from the Los Angeles Times, Buzzfeed and Rolling Stone announced Hastings’ death on Tuesday:,0,5825533.story

Yet, as the very URL of that article makes clear, the coroner had yet to identify the body. Absent a positive identification, how were Buzzfeed and Rolling Stone confident enough to make that official announcement?

The rest of this article will focus on a single newscast, which yields enough incoherent information to indicate that Hastings’ death was not the result of an accident. All subsequent still shots are taken from it, except for those from Google Maps.

First, according to all accounts, the car was a brand-new Mercedes.

No car will blow up from getting run into a tree, least of all a Mercedes. And yet:


An eyewitness claims the blast was so intense that it shook her house and rattled her windows.

Those L.A. palm trees must be made of something more than wood. Hell, everything in Hollywood is fake anyway. Maybe those palm trees are made of some kind of plastic. Like C4.

Moving on, our next eyewitness is Hollywood producer Gary Grossman, whom we can thank for America’s Funniest Home Videos (1989):

grossman107 garygrossman109 engine113

He says the engine flew 50 or 60 yards and landed near a telephone pole. Other accounts say 100 feet. Who’s counting? How does any car, much less a Mercedes, hit a palm tree and explode with enough force to throw the engine ANYWHERE???

Vin Diesel would blush at a script like that. Not even a hack like Gary Grossman could conceive of writing it. What does that tell you?

For the record, here is Grossman’s address from the Hollywood White Pages:


546 North Highland Avenue. I decided to plop myself down there on Google Maps. Here is the scene of the “accident”, from left to right.

highland1 highland2 highland3

Do you see how SPACIOUS it is? LOOK at all that SPACE! And yet they say Hastings, in the darkness at 4:30 a.m., smashed his Mercedes into one of those toothpick palm trees with enough force to cause an explosion that sent the engine flying some distance, any distance at all. Impossible. Even in Hollyweird.

Even if a collision took place, was he blind drunk? If so, what are the odds he’d hit one of those trees? If he wasn’t blind drunk, then he was suicidal. Why would a suicidal man pick a palm tree in the middle of a residential neighborhood?

After Grossman’s testimony, we get this chilling eulogy from the talking head:


Hastings will, likely, partially be remembered? That is very deliberately worded. Whoever had the bomb put in Hastings’ car hated him with the passion of a billion white-hot suns, and wanted to crap all over his accomplishments by delivering that insult unto his legacy.

And who has the power to make sure that the slight is worded just so, via the mainstream news?

I’ll give you a hint: the answer rhymes with “news”.

Still stumped? Oh well, take a look at who was first on the scene, except for Grossman:


Here’s the first responders’ website:

Make sure to turn your speakers down before you click, or they will offend your eardrums as well as every other atom of your being.

Jim Stone’s take is here:

For more on how cars do not turn into bombs upon impact with trees:


Tinfoil Hat Addendum:

They waited until Hastings was 33.

Hearsay and Other BS in the Three New Suspects’ Story

So they’ve arrested three new suspects, friends of Dzhokhar (sic) Tsarnaev, and charged them with obstructing justice by making misleading statements to FBI investigators, whose own affidavit against Djokar is jam-packed with statements that mislead and falsify.


Text, with my comments indented and in blue:

Just a month before three people were killed and more than 260 others injured when a pair of bombs ripped through the crowd near the finish line at the Boston Marathon, bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev bragged to his friends that he knew how to build explosives, criminal complaints against three new suspects revealed today.

260 injured now, eh? The number just keeps climbing! Notice there are no links to the criminal complaints. Doesn’t mean they don’t exist, so I will be looking them up, but I’m not holding my breath. If the press were transparent and interested in bringing the truth, they would link to the complaints and not make me go digging for them. As it is, this is hearsay — par for the course. Even the original affidavit of complaint filed against Djokar and his murdered brother is full of hearsay. More on that later.

Buried in the footnotes of court documents filed against three friends of Dzhokhar’s is a reference to a chilling statement one of the friends, Azamat Tazhayakov, made to investigators in the days after the deadly attack.

“Tazhayakov also informed the FBI agents that while eating a meal with Dzhokhar and [friend Dias] Kadyrbayev approximately one month prior to the Marathon bombing, Dzhokhar had explained to Kadyrbayev and Tazhayakov that he knew how to make a bomb,” the court documents say.

Detailed, scripted hearsay.

The statement was one of many new details to emerge today after authorities arrested 19-year-olds Kadyrbayev, Tazhayakov and another friend, Robel Phillipos, for their alleged actions in the days after the bombing. All three appeared in a Boston court this afternoon.

Tazhayakov and Kadyrbayev were charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice for purportedly trying to get rid of a laptop and backpack full of fireworks belonging to Dzhokhar after one of them realized Dzhokhar may be involved in the bombing. Phillipos was charged with making false statements to federal investigators.

I’d like to see the federal investigators brought up on charges of making false statements to the court. I am working on an affidavit against them to that effect.

Also revealed in the complaint was a text message conversation between one of the friends and Dzhokhar three days after the deadly attack. That day, April 18, Kadyrbayev texted Dzhokhar to tell him he resembled a man seen in images the FBI was circulating of possible suspects in the attack, the complaint says.

Really? Can we see any evidence of that text message conversation? No, we are to believe it because Yahoo news told us.

“LOL,” replied Dzhokhar. Kadyrbayev took that and other texts like “you better not text me” to be jokes, documents say. Dzhokhar also told Kadyrbayev to take whatever he wanted from his dorm room.

Why would Djokar say that? What insinuation is this they’re trying to make? Are they implying Djokar knew his friend was onto him, and was asking his friend to destroy evidence? Then why the LOL, the “you better not text me”, assuming they are real? Would a guilty terrorist make such a jocular, oblique request that his friend destroy evidence?

Or, could it be that Djokar, knowing his own innocence, was making a shrugging statement to his friend, along the lines of:

“Search me!”

It wasn’t until the Kadyrbayev, Tazhayakov and Phillipos were hanging out together in Dzhokhar’s dorm room alone that they spotted fireworks with missing powder. According to a criminal complaint, that was when Kadyrbayev “knew” his friend was involved in the attack.

Wow, they spotted fireworks with missing powder. I guess they majored in Psychic X-Ray Vision Forensics. Then they put complex calculus together and quickly deduced that their friend was the nefarious pressure cooker bomber.

Prosecutors say Kadyrbayev decided to take the backpack containing fireworks “to help his friend [Dzhokhar] avoid trouble” and took the laptop because he didn’t want Dzhokhar’s roommate to think he was behaving suspiciously. The documents assert that later Kadyrbayev and Tazhayakov decided together to throw the backpack and fireworks in the trash.

Yup. Even though they already knew he was in trouble, they took his shit to help him avoid trouble. And being the bright kids they are, they simply tossed it in the trash, the first place investigators would look. But that’s not all …

Robert Stahl, an attorney for Kadyrbayev, said today his client was not aware Dzhokhar was a suspect in the bombing when he took the backpack and laptop and did not know the items might have been involved in a bombing or were of evidentiary value. Harlan Protass, an attorney for Tazhayakov, said that his client has cooperated fully with authorities and “looks forward” to the truth coming out in his case.

Yup. Even though they already knew he was in trouble, they didn’t know.

Prosecutors said Phillipos initially told federal investigators he did not remember going to Dzhokhar’s room and then said the three friends went there but did not go in. In his fourth interview with investigators, however, Phillipos “eventually confessed that he had lied to the agents,” the court documents say.

If I was getting pummeled with abusive questioning by FBI agents intent on bashing me into alignment with whatever bullshit screeplay they’re trying to produce, with horrible results if I don’t answer the questions right, I think I’d have my story mixed up too. Until I got it right.

Kadyrbayev and Tazhayakov face up to five years in prison and Phillipos faces a maximum sentence of up to eight years if convicted, the DOJ said.

Yeah, way to go, federales. Way to go, assholes. Ruin some kids’ lives for being acquainted with your patsy, and maybe trying to help him in some oblique way, knowing he was set up. All for the furtherance of your bullshit script. Because that’s probably what this shakes down to.

Authorities and experts said both of the bombs that exploded April 15 were relatively unsophisticated devices, likely at least partially constructed based on instructions widely available on the internet. Dzhokhar is accused of executing the attack with his older brother, Tamerlan, who authorities say may have been in contact with Islamic militants during a 2012 trip to Russia.

A trip that only lasted a few fucking days.

The Mailbox at 755 Boylston Street

I have a question about the mailbox in front of the Starbucks at 755 Boylston Street — the location of the second bomb, the one that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is falsely accused of planting. To tell by photographs of the aftermath, that mailbox sustained no damage. Here is American Everyman’s analysis of the bomb blast, proving that the bomb exploded right next to the mailbox:


In this and other photos, the mailbox clearly came out of the blast no worse for wear. When I first noticed this, I thought it curious indeed; but being no expert in materials, I filed the question to the back of my mind and kept a lookout for an explanation. So far, nothing.

Then, this afternoon, purely by chance, I happened to find myself reading about a car bomb blast in East London. A friend had sent a message that there was a rumor of a bomb in London, so I plugged “news London bomb” into Google on my phone. The first hit was this article from the Daily Mail: The only date on the page was today’s (shitty archiving, Daily Mail!), so at first I thought the rumor was true.

I read the article and was surprised when it stated that the car bomb had broken a water main. A water main??? Those are located under the roads!

That must have been quite some powerful explosion, plus it occurred in a crowded nightlife area, so how many people died?


Well, then surely there must have been some horrific, clinging-to-life-by-your-toothskin injuries, too horrible to publish?

Nah. Just six injuries, none life-threatening. One guy was just a few meters away, and though he got knocked off his feet, he came out of it with an awesome story to tell that will surely impress the chicks.

Yet this same blast ruptured a water main, flooding the street under two feet of water.

Now, granted, if it was one of London’s newer drinking-water-mains, then instead of being made of some heavy Victorian alloy, it would look like this:

Drinking Water Main London (2)

Still, it would have been located under the road. So for a bomb to destroy it through the road would require (I would think) enough force to do more than ding a few nearby heads.

Now, back to that mailbox. Here are closeup pics of the thing. I snapped them on Google Maps, which lets you wander onto the sidewalk along Boylston Street. They are of course preblast shots but they show how thin the feet are:



Now, here’s my question. How is it that a blast killing no one and injuring only six ruptures a water main, but one that kills at least one person and injures dozens more doesn’t even crumple this mailbox a bit?

Again, I am no materials expert and am making no claims, but I would like to hear from people who are qualified to answer my question in a reasonable and reliable fashion.

Until I get that answer, my horse sense tells me that the blast at 755 Boylston was nowhere near as powerful as reported — that it was a prop producing a lot of smoke so that actors could get themselves prepped and into position by the time it cleared and the show began.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Arrest Location FAKED???

The comment below this report stands. The coordinates require conversion to decimal before they are plugged into Google Maps. I was ignorant about that and jumped the gun. Then again, that’s why I bothered to put three question marks on the title.
Then again, isn’t it interesting that the unconverted coordinates end up squre in the state cops’ back yard.
I remain convinced that this whole Boston scenario is a psyop, and there is plenty of evidence of foul play. In the case of Tsarnaev’s arrest, for example, how is it that the weak, listless, bloodied, shot-through-the-neck suspect was able to climb out of the boat and be photographed perching on the edge of it under his own power?
Really? Did they all stand back and tell him to hold on a minute while they took the picture? Why aren’t there cops and EMTs swarming all over him, making sure that in his weakened, listless condition, he doesn’t fall down and break the neck that he’s already been shot through, depriving them of the false testimony they intend to coerce from him under interrogation after he has been deprived of due process?

And this was after they had shot three stun grenades into the boat. What did they do next? Watertown Police Chief Edward Deveau had this to say about their handling of the apprehension:

“The boat’s not going to float for awhile,” Deveau said.

“It was a long period. There was probably a 10, 15 minute period where they are trying to get [Tsarnaev] to pay attention. So negotiations went on. There was no conversation back and forth. At the end they were just making demands of him: Show your hands, lift your shirt. And eventually that’s what he did,” Deveau said   “He was very slow and lethargic in every move that he made and they could see that there was no device on his chest. They kept creeping closer to him and then they felt it safe enough to pull him away from the boat,” he said.

“The concern was what was in that boat. Was there more explosive devices? Was there more firearms in that boat? So, we needed to get him away from that to make it safe,” Deveau added.

 So that’s why they shot the boat full of holes. They were worried it might contain explosives, and they really wanted to make sure they got the boy alive so they could torture him into giving the testimony that will be required to justify an ever-tighter state monopoly on force. They were so worried that boat contained “explosive devices”, that they lobbed three flash grenades into it, then shot it full of holes. So that they could “pull him away from the boat”. Which, judging by photo of him climbing out of it, they did not.

And that’s straight from the Waterford police chief’s lying donut hole.

So I don’t feel too bad about getting some numbers wrong, and I don’t feel like apologizing. The whole story is moronic, and if you believe it, then it was meant for your consumption.


Wow, I am in AWE. Upwards of 9,000 of you, decked out in full military gear, after more than twelve hours locking the city down under martial law, searching people’s homes without warrant, finally managed to apprehend … a 19-year-old college student. Amazing.
Then we have three stooges from Sandy Hook photographed fleeing the scene at the marathon blast…perps1

Those guys and others in that same uniform had been photographed earlier wearing big, bulky backpacks:


This whole thing stinks, and although my report has been debunked, I remain convinced that the Tsarnaev brothers are patsies set up by the FBI. The bombing event was orchestrated to justify TSA tyranny and gun control, while providing a crisis scenario for a practice run in the implementation of martial law. The FBI has a documented history of setting up stupid young men with fake bombs and then foiling their plots to explode them. That used to be called entrapment, and it used to be wrong. Now it’s just business as usual in America. In this case, it seems they investigated two young men who were NOT angry, NOT “radicalized” — who were in fact well-adjusted immigrants to American society — with the ultimate purpose of providing patsies for an obvious false flag operation.

Why them? Because they were both Muslim and white. For when the winds weren’t favorable for a stereotypical homegrown right-wing white NRA member, nor for a stereotypical brown-skinned middle eastern muslim. There would come a time when the false flag du jour required something more suble, more nuanced — a kind of fusion terror cuisine.

More later as I get time. I’m leaving the debunked report below, intact, because I believe that God sometimes speaks through cretins like me. I mean, the unconverted coordinates landed right behind the Massachusetts State police facility. I still think there’s something to this. What are the odds?

A screenshot from the infrared camera on a helicopter at the scene of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s arrest — claimed to be a man’s suburban backyard:


I typed the three sets of coordinates into Google Maps. Here is where the helicopter was getting that footage — click to enlarge:




The “arrest” was made in the woods behind a Massachussetts State Police facility!!!

According to the following article, the boat in which they found Tsarnaev hiding was located in the backyard of David Tenneberry on Franklin Street in Watertown, MA:–abc-news-topstories.html

Note that David Tenneberry did not return calls seeking comment.
Franklin Street’s coordinates in Watertown: 42.366955,-71.174853