farganne (at) yahoo (dot) com


9 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. hi Farganne,

    with heartfelt Greetings from Hamburg

    Jim asked me howTo replicate my messageLogging
    which originated from his donationsLogging

    could you please forward or post the following..
    (already sent to his adresses, but you know)


    hola Jim or James..


    as contacting you, may take a while..

    an tracingArchive is now up at


    logs for inBox and liveChatTimes are at


    All Best, marc


    this will be send to Farganne as well,
    for forwarding or posting

  2. Hello Fargane, try sending you a message through the forum (JimStone) but I can not. I’m currently using MMS and DMSO for intestinal problems and work very well. In the forum you say your wife has Fibromyalgia, DMSO (dimetilsulf√≥xido) is a very powerful anti inflammatory, please investigate and try it may be of help. Regards

  3. You got it all wrong, the coordinates from the video are correct. They are in decimal degrees. (42.36645 -71.1740), please remove your page and apologise. You are creating a wrong information to the uninitiated.

  4. Farganne, its me, Velasco in Dallas. Forgive the random a$$ location for contact but hey. I try. Please keep in touch. I’ll send you email account periodically, and have. Co inte lpro dicks are isolating me but all things for the good of those of us who love Him and are called according to His purpose, eh?
    PS Jesus Christ is NOT His name. He identified Himself as continuously as simply quote “the Son of Man”. This is paramount.

  5. The yahoo account above was hacked in minutes. I cant penetrate Jims forum gatekeepers either. I would love any ideas on how to communicate with you elsewhere?

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